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Isn't it interesting that all three dropped the iPhone around the same time? Maybe they are trying to gain some leverage by working in concert. I wonder how the Russian consumer will react to this. Perhaps they'll switch carriers in droves.
I don't think I'll ever have use for Glass, but I hope it succeeds.  I'm sure there are other people out there who could really use this for work or for their personal lives.  Bio-chemists or quadriplegics, for example.
This is a helpful invention from Apple.   New users of in-ear, noise-canceling earphones sometimes complain that the sound they get is terrible.  This is usually the result of not getting a good seal.  Having an alert or adjustment to the sound would help to alleviate this problem.
Remember when Steve wanted iPhone developers to only make web apps?  That seems like it was ages ago.   Good thing he changed his mind about letting third-party developers create native apps.  I doubt anyone at the time could've imagined the wild success the app store would turn out to be.
AI, I had a hard time following the relationship of text to photos in this article.  It seemed like the photos were supposed to illustrate what the text was describing, but it was unclear.
I hope that with Mavericks, Apple Data Detectors is more reliable than it has been with iOS. Sometimes you need to really fiddle with the formatting of addresses in Calendar for it to link to a map.
This consistent pattern of companies rushing to beat Apple to market in new product categories, I believe, helps Apple. Apple can sit back, watch and learn from the mistakes of these early failed entries. And when consumers have gotten used to these new gadgets and see the potential benefits, then Apple can launch their integrated and well-designed version. Boom, success!
When I had an iPad, I often surfed the web in landscape mode because the text was uncomfortably small to read in portrait mode. I suspect this to be a reason for these statistics. Come to think of it, even on my iMac, I often have to zoom in on an article's text to read comfortably. With more and more iPads & tablets replacing desktops, I think web designers should design with tablet screens in mind and make legibility a bigger priority.
The announcement of the iCloud Keychains feature in iOS 7 makes me think this fingerprint sensor tech will not be ready anytime soon. Fingerprint authentication would obviate the need for the Keychains feature.
I hope this gets resolved quickly, if it is a real issue. I'm looking to buy one. I remember having real Wifi issues when I bought my new iMac (2011). Others did too, according to the Apple support forums. It wasn't resolved until many months later (maybe over a year?) with a firmware update.
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