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I really hope the movie is good.   But I just can't imagine it. It occurred to me that if I didn't know about or care who Steve Jobs was, the trailer would not entice me to see the film. It seems like just a jumbled up mess of diverging storylines.   I'm guessing part of the problem is that too many people already know too much about Steve's life that you can't stray too far from the truth to make the plot more engaging. If you do, people will say you're distorting the...
I agree. I don't see the similarities at all between Apple and Shake Shack. And neither this article nor the summary of the research note makes any real connection either.
 Contracting out the assembly of an Apple car does lower the difficulty threshold somewhat, true. But Apple would still have to design the entire car, which probably takes them quite far outside of their current expertise. I'm not saying Apple never would make a car, but it just seems unlikely at this time given the way they've historically moved into new industries.
 Although possible, it seems like quite a big leap from consumer electronics to car manufacturing. I can't see this going forward unless Jony, Eddy and the other senior exec's who love cars, are lobbying really hard. And not so much because it makes sense, but more because of personal interest. If Apple does make a car, I would expect them to make an electric one, and leverage their knowledge of battery technology. But the infrastructure to support electric vehicles still...
Controlling an Apple TV by talking into a Bluetooth remote makes lots of sense.   Speaking commands directly into a remote that you hold in your hand would likely have more accurate results than shouting at a box near your television. Also, you would need Bluetooth to transfer the voice data from the remote to the Apple TV. I think that kind of data transfer would not be possible with a simple infrared remote.
 How can you tell if a store has iBeacon Interesting. I've never been in a store that uses iBeacons, so I don't know what the experience is like.
This kind of indoor geolocation seems to depend on a system like iBeacon to already be in place. Do retailers have obvious incentives to implement iBeacons like they do with Apple Pay?
 I agree. But more so in regard to Apple. By giving in to Taylor Swift's demand, Apple has managed to convince the 20,000 indie labels under Merlin and Beggars Group to sign on to Apple Music. I'd say that's a productive day for Mr. Eddy Cue.
 I agree. Trying to fill quotas in that case seems not helpful.
 I see.  I read in another AI article that Apple Music "should ultimately pay better than Spotify". http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/06/23/tidal-loses-interim-ceo-peter-tonstad-on-eve-of-apple-music-launch If true, and depending on how much better AM pays, I'd say that might make up for not paying artists during the free trial period.
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