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When I had an iPad, I often surfed the web in landscape mode because the text was uncomfortably small to read in portrait mode. I suspect this to be a reason for these statistics. Come to think of it, even on my iMac, I often have to zoom in on an article's text to read comfortably. With more and more iPads & tablets replacing desktops, I think web designers should design with tablet screens in mind and make legibility a bigger priority.
The announcement of the iCloud Keychains feature in iOS 7 makes me think this fingerprint sensor tech will not be ready anytime soon. Fingerprint authentication would obviate the need for the Keychains feature.
I hope this gets resolved quickly, if it is a real issue. I'm looking to buy one. I remember having real Wifi issues when I bought my new iMac (2011). Others did too, according to the Apple support forums. It wasn't resolved until many months later (maybe over a year?) with a firmware update.
Can this benchmarking be done offline? If so, why would Apple need to do it online, except to "leak" the machine's performance to the public. However, judging from the unremarkable results, that's not very likely.
  I live in NYC, and it would be cool to have iBeacons at every station so that you could track where you are on a mapped out route.   Then, I could set my iPhone to notify me one station before I need to get off and take a nap.
Add regular broadcast TV to that line-up and it looks nearly good enough to stand on its own. Good bye, cable!
I think Steve was rather insightful to be able to see things this way. And although I believe what he said generally holds true, I think he's a special case, and he's an icon that more than just geologists will remember.
This seems like a bit of a pain to put on and take off every time you want to play a game. Or if you just keep it on all the time, wouldn't it get in the way of plugging in headphones and putting it in a syncing stand?
I like the new way you swipe to change from stills to video. The previous slider was so small it was difficult to get at.
I think the new feature allowing you to mirror the full desktop on a TV was introduced specifically so you could connect the future iTV to your Mac.
New Posts  All Forums: