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If you want to know why Apple released their Maps app in such an inaccurate state, this may help to explain why: http://daringfireball.net/linked/2012/09/19/rafer-maps
Knowing T-Mobile, they'll charge you ~$45 for the new micro-SIM, the way they do now for the nano-SIM.  Total rip-off--you're basically paying them more money for a smaller piece of plastic.   I guess they gotta make up the low cost of their prepaid plans somewhere...
I wonder which side the earphone jack will be on.   In the photo shown in this article, it's on the bottom-right (when the iPhone is facing the user), but in the ETrade Supply video, it's on the bottom-left.   I'd guess that it'll be similar to the current position on the 4S, which is on the left.
Displaying groups and the contact list on the same page is a definite improvement.  I hate clicking the red bookmark to go back and forth when using Address Book.
  They could put the solar cells into the "forehead" and "chin" of the iPhone, where the earpiece and home button currently sit.
  If you google Super Junior, you might get a hint to where this poster's allegiance lies.   The name probably misled you.
I'm looking forward to seeing how Apple improves the next iPhone.   One rumored aspect I especially like is the new position of the headphone jack.  I've found that the current placement is quite cumbersome.  When it's in my pocket, the iPhone has to be upright so that it's not sitting on top of the headphone plug.  But when I take it out of my pocket from this position, it is upside down, so I have to rotate the iPhone in my hand to use it properly.  This is quite a...
The Facebook app has consistently received terrible ratings, not just this current slow version, but in previous ones also.  I don't know why FB doesn't put more effort into their iOS app.  Is it because they would prefer users to use FB on mobile Safari?
I wonder how much heat this new design gives off.   My current Airport Express (the bigger one) runs quite hot.
Hearing Sorkin's thoughts about his film gives me a bit of hope that the film might be good.   On the other hand, seeing photos of Ashton Kutcher running around town in Steve Jobs' uniform, has had the opposite effect for me about the other film.
New Posts  All Forums: