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I've often thought that one way to solve these concussion problems is to get rid of all padding and helmets, kind of like the old days.   Without all that armor, players would think twice about how they tackle, because they might crack their own skulls in the process.   I used to play rugby, where neither padding nor helmets are used.  There are proper tackling techniques which are injury-free and get the job done.  Putting your head down and ramming an opponent,...
I think this paragraph needs fixing.
  Your comment makes sense to me, intuitively.  But please give a concrete example of how 3D and 2D design requires different sets of skills, so that I can understand your point better.
Great news! T-Mobile is one of the few carriers that has affordable prepaid service. Hope they keep their prices low, and don't force iPhone users to upgrade to post-paid like AT&T did.
That's no unboxing video.  Where's the trembling hands and giddy commentary?!     I find the chin useful for adjusting the tilt on my iMac without smudging the screen.
I live in New York City, and can confirm 3G speeds on T-Mobile in certain parts of the city, like in the borough of Queens. Very psyched that this is happening, as I've been stuck on slow-as-molasses 2G speed. Hope they keep rolling out more coverage here.
If you want to know why Apple released their Maps app in such an inaccurate state, this may help to explain why: http://daringfireball.net/linked/2012/09/19/rafer-maps
Knowing T-Mobile, they'll charge you ~$45 for the new micro-SIM, the way they do now for the nano-SIM.  Total rip-off--you're basically paying them more money for a smaller piece of plastic.   I guess they gotta make up the low cost of their prepaid plans somewhere...
I wonder which side the earphone jack will be on.   In the photo shown in this article, it's on the bottom-right (when the iPhone is facing the user), but in the ETrade Supply video, it's on the bottom-left.   I'd guess that it'll be similar to the current position on the 4S, which is on the left.
Displaying groups and the contact list on the same page is a definite improvement.  I hate clicking the red bookmark to go back and forth when using Address Book.
New Posts  All Forums: