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This is super cool!
I'm hoping that the iWatch will incorporate the functionality of this gizmo.
Although Apple is doing well and leading the pack, perhaps they should pay some attention to the number two spot. If Apple cares about its stock price, it would be better for them to make sure that no single company is too strong of a player.
The ruler is a neat idea. But couldn't they have implemented it without the physical ruler? What about just using the fingers of your left hand to define the path of the straight lines & arcs?
At this point, I wish Apple Store openings & product launches didn't all look and feel the same. The cheering, high fives, and excited atmosphere is starting to feel somewhat manufactured. It would be nice to see Apple employees just lined up and greeting people with hello's and handshakes. I don't know, anything different would be a nice sign of authenticity.
  If you played Super Monster Bros, you'd blow through that $10k, in a day.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSDHCMcdSVQ   Btw, it's since been removed from the App Store.
  I agree.  It seems to me that people nowadays don't love their Apple products as much as they did in the early days.   A Mac used to be friendly, approachable, and whimsical; so you could really fall in love with it.  Nowadays, a Mac is sleek, stylish, and cool; more like something you admire than love.
If Apple is really moving to TSMC for its AX chips, I wonder if the Samesung phenomenon will happen again. Taiwanese companies are not known for innovation and I could see the same kind of patent infringement being repeated. I hope not, but it seems like a real possibility.
  I wasn't aware of this rule, but I'm glad it's there.  I'd hate to be bombarded by push notification ads.  It would probably condition me into ignoring notifications, which defeats their purpose.   Another sign that Apple is looking out for its customers.  I wonder, do Android users get push notification ads?
Can someone with relevant expertise in this field comment on Google's decision to fork WebKit?   Since Google and Apple are competitors in this space, my knee-jerk reaction is to suspect that this is some kind of power play against Apple.  However, there could be a legitimate reason, from a technical standpoint, that I don't know of.   Anyone care to share?
New Posts  All Forums: