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If Tim Cook were not Steve Jobs' successor, I would not have read this article or watched the videos.   I always looked forward to hearing what Steve had to say.  His speeches were mind-blowingly insightful about technology, and his product unveilings were an exciting show.   Tim is neither a showman nor does he have a way with words, and frankly, he is rather boring to watch.  I'm not saying Tim's a bad CEO because he's not like Steve, but let's face it, Tim's...
I downloaded the app last year and watched a few of the performances. The production value was quite amazing: great resolution video, spectacular lighting, and talented artists. This was where I first saw Miguel, before he blew up. So if you want to hear up-and-coming artists, the iTunes Festival is a great place for that.
For those calling for more innovation, I would like to remind you that most people upgrade on a two-year cycle because of their cellular contracts, so the next iPhone (presumably the 5S), only needs to appeal to those who are upgrading from a 4S. The longer screen and lightness of the current 5 is probably enough enticement already. But knowing Apple, they'll probably throw in a other few small features to sweeten the deal. IMO, the next iPhone will be about...
Why now, I wonder, would they finally admit to this? Did a non-disclosure agreement expire or something?
I likely won't use this app, but I wish Apple would implement the separate exposure and focus feature that many other camera apps have.
That's not a real water leak.  It's just a promotional stunt for JBL's Creature speakers.  
This is kind of amazing. We are living in exciting technological times!
  I wasn't aware that the iPad mini has this feature.  Thanks for informing me!  With that in mind, I can see the likelihood of Apple making the bezel smaller for the reasons you mentioned.   By the way, I googled a few articles about this new tech, and couldn't help but chuckle when I read the words "unwanted touches".  
I'm really digging this series of new 'quiet' ads.  I especially like how they show scenes of people from all over the world--subtly showing that Apple is a global brand.   On a side note, the fact that no one speaks is clever; this means the ad can be used in any country, and is not limited to an English-speaking audience.
  Since we're all talking about our mobile plans: I pay $30/month and get unlimited data & text and 100 minutes of talk with T-Mobile's prepaid plan.  Data is 3G with occasional pockets of Edge in New York City, where I live.  Never had a dropped call either.   I think it's a great deal!   And to echo other users' comments, AT&T rates are unreasonably expensive in the prepaid market.
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