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It didn't include China last time around for a start. I think the reality is that there are now quite a few reasonable quality android phones now which are considerably cheaper - Motorola for example, and last year was the big punch with new looking phones. In the UK the intiial price cotinues to also be further and further divorced of subsidies. It will be interesting to see if Apple rolls out their upgrade /leasing payment plan internationally next year to help...
I bet somebody from Hull is going to reply now ;) I completely agree though. I wonder what they do when you go into an AppleStore in Bath, and they go "oh well we have this but... well, not here... or in Bristol... or... well, look let's look at the london eye going around and round... I agree it's utterly ridiculous. I can understand it wasnt overnight but we're now, what 2 years out?
For those of you who say the extra week of pre-orders didnt help, of course it did - it's an extra week of pre-orders booked for the first day! If the argument is that they wouldnt have sold more - as if there was a finite number of interest which didnt increase with word of mouth as days rolled into second week - is madness. and doesnt stand water. Do sales suddenly go to zero when the phone is in the shops? of course it doesnt - it continues to sell. Giving an extra...
For me Flyovers is as about as useful as LivePhotos - it looks good on a demo.. 
I'm replying to this on an iPhone 6s. I've never owned an android device in my life. I wish this forum would allow for a bit of intellectual curiosity - i am in business and find the numbers interesting, instead of this sort of infantile commentary that I see over and over again. Of course  will thrive and the iPhone sales be strong but I'm adding context to their announcement.
Call me doom and gloom but given they had an additional week for pre-order - AND china, it's no surprise. And relatively modest growth.. I'd love to know how many %uF8FF sold of the iPhone 6/6 Plus by the same DATE last year (aka 10 days pre-order plus a week of full availability online - as the time they've essentially pushed back the results announcement...) PLUS the equivalent time for China.
It's the way US English headlines tend to be capitalised - Welcome to The New World - that really does my head in! as I'm a half Frenchy i can assure that they find it even more abhorrent as they barely capitalise anything including days of the week etc
Trash sounds hideous to me as a Brit, but we're getting americanised so many people don't care now.
Both google and hotmail / outlook have localised trash to bin / rubbish for many years in the uk
A couple of caveats 1)Apple have given themselves an additional week of pre-orders to give in the numbers when they do release them, compared with all other recent releases. "Most pre-orders in history" or 'X million in the hands of customers on day 1" 2) iOS 9 %u2013 Phil S doesn%u2019t say it%u2019s the fastest adoption. He says it is on course to become the most adopted. Somewhat subtle difference. Also, and he basically says just this - Most adopted doesn%u2019t...
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