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Worth noting that  does NOT even try and up the value proposition of iRadio with no adds for those of us outside the USA !
Dream on to all those who think a super fast charge. It's induction charging don't forget.. As for the water resistance I don't think it's changed at all. This is a non article imho
ill stick with my incredible Scandu Scout for reading temperature and BP for now - but i'm sure the cuff-less BP system will use the same sort of technology assuming the reading is possible on a wrist (or have it using the edge of the way you press up towards your forehead in a matter of seconds) I suspect they licensed the tech from them. 
Let's just be realistic for a moment - IF true - this can't be anywhere in the near future. A few hundred people isn't enough to magically design and prototype a car from scratch, and you can be sure that this won't be a 'clone' - it'll have something quite unique if they're going this far.  I find far more likely that they'll buy up various components / do deal (aka why they were talking to Tesla a couple of years back) with a 3rd party and then customise the heck out...
To be fair,  isn't immune to this sort of behaviour of releasing and then leaving to whither for somewhat unclear time.. As much as I remain hopeful I didn't see and don't see or hear much about iBeacons. iTunes Radio - OK for the US , but what about the rest of the world? We were promised "Coming Soon" at the time on the Apple.com/uk website... It's been 18 months now and clearly that's not not likely to everhappen Tech companies,  included, are all great at launching...
It is utterly lamentable how appalling the state of photo saving / sharing is. How did they launch iOS 8 with this not all properly sorted and a Mac App for heaven's sake? I know i know it's due but his isn't hard. Flickr , google and even Microsoft have been churning this stuff for years - smarter web apps, more generous storage (basically unlimited). Hell even Amazon seems tk be racing ahead with photos. And to just take the piss they're still happy to promote the...
It's funny how many  insider followers are dismissive of opinions of apple analysts and share prices - unless of course it is high at which point they like to laugh at other companies with lower stuff. At the end of the day sentiment is what runs the show - not necessary accurate rational thinking
Have to admit I was confused by this and closed the app when i couldn't see a dismiss box. Glad it's been fixed. Most trials end in auto payments so it's hardly unsurprising really
Few facts in this article. Mostly speculative. And almost certainly wrong at that! Please, if you're going to pretend to be a business analysts understand at least get to grips with what your speculating on, and above all, don't insert junk about opec lowering the price just to get at the USA. That is one theory but certainly not a confirmed fact ! There's not a single source provided for all these shipping cost variables etc
 Though I personally don't want anything to do with Beats as a 30 year old who hates this rage of crappy musak, I fear that there is a huge younger generation (10-22) who are much more likely to value it..  It may well make business sense for Apple to take a dual approach with the branding to serve the two audiences, but I'm not sure that's workable. So ultimately they'll target it to their future market rather than an ageing one..  
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