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Few facts in this article. Mostly speculative. And almost certainly wrong at that! Please, if you're going to pretend to be a business analysts understand at least get to grips with what your speculating on, and above all, don't insert junk about opec lowering the price just to get at the USA. That is one theory but certainly not a confirmed fact ! There's not a single source provided for all these shipping cost variables etc
 Though I personally don't want anything to do with Beats as a 30 year old who hates this rage of crappy musak, I fear that there is a huge younger generation (10-22) who are much more likely to value it..  It may well make business sense for Apple to take a dual approach with the branding to serve the two audiences, but I'm not sure that's workable. So ultimately they'll target it to their future market rather than an ageing one..  
 Zune did this but everybody poo-poo'd it. Frankly, looking back, that was a great service in a slick app (Im not taking about the hardware.. that was another story!)
As I continue to pay the full fee (in the UK) for iTunes Match and NOT benefit from the value of iTunes Radio - which they've essentially abandoned before roll-out - all mentions on the UK website were erased, it initially said "coming soon" - we shall see what happens internationally with this.
Will be interesting to see if Spotify/Deezer and others dont complain to EU competition authorities about this.
The EU and various EU national state consumer protection boards/associations forced this. It's a good chance.
it's fun to see Americans getting to grips with wave to pay..
All impressive. Ended up putting sound on mute though as that pseudo Christmas jungle demo musak didn't quit suit the immensely impressive and brilliantly designed contruction - each to their own though
VF  are certainly milking this. They really should just release the entire video, but oh no.. clicks equal money do they not?
It's a shame that they havent integrated TouchID into the iMac somehow. I'm sure it would be possible to do it at least on the touchpad they sell. perhaps all that is coming next year if they do a refreshed keyboard with them built it in. It doesn't make sense to shout about how great TouchID is for security if the computers you sell don't enable it. It's the weakest link. I'm guessing the smaller iMac will get a big refresh - with, say, about a 24 inch screen (or...
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