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Given what apple replaced my in warranty iMac motherboard with (it fried the entire system, including screen and ram and graphics card) I have to say: "equivalent of new is not necessarily same as refurbished. Some quick diagnosis don't necessarily show up a fault, as apple admitted to me. They eventually ended up and sending new iMac 3 months alter to compensate.
With all due respect that's Completely and utterly wrong. The ECB is not at all a private bank, and all polls show the vast majority of Greeks don't want to leave the EU or for that matter the euro. It would be easy if they did, but the whole problem is that they don't! God, does everybody on here just read apple blog all day long ? Embarrassing.
"As a byproduct of Greece's recent vote for austerity,.." Wow. Some tech writers really haven't a bloody clue.
 Don't forget that we've not been living with native apps on our phones (other than the odd Apple one). THat's inevitably going to take a hit on the battery life. 
"...in contravention of previous indication"   This phrase makes no sense to me.
And this is why i'm making use of a 3 month trial from Spotify now. In three months time when things settle down Ill get set up %uF8FFMusic
I presume she would use hers as that's the whole point of Family Sharing - that youre not passing around your user /passwords!
 "normal" users - as you put it - aren't the hip californian type who goes around living a minimalist life style. They're people like my mum who want to be able to charge their laptop and probably stick in a usb key and that sort of thing without living this uber lifestyle when they can buy a macbook air with more than one - or a pc - and be fine. I honestly dont think this was designed for mass market. It's designed for a niche young, hip, affluent, crowd who like to have...
the snap screen stuff, I hate to say it, on Windows 7 feels a lot more intuative and easier to do - rather than pressing the green button you just snap the chrome of the app against the edge
Absolutely. He could have said "We've seen massive interest and great feedback from consumers.. who want simplicity they see with our iOS devices etc etc.."  He didn't. He basically "yea, well, we try and push things.. sometimes it works..."... 
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