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 Frankly thought given the report dated back to July it is entirely possible that back then the yields were even lower and a launch was indeed looking at risk.. 
It's so hard to compare the figures each year.   Sometimes it's the first 48 hours, sometimes it's over the weekend period.   Did that initial 24 hour figure, impressive i know, then crash. Othewise why not give an EVEN better number for the 48 hours?   They rarely specify the models - just saying "iPhone", so has that previous include the older models?   Above all though the figures are global, and for many years those initial numbers of territories in the first...
I would hope it was humour ;)
I had battery issues on my iPhone 5 (purchased on launch day) since the new year, and progressively got worse. Took it to an Apple Store - two weeks ago - in the UK. They wanted to run diagnostics as I wanted to buy a new battery. But first they wanted to wipe the data on my phone - and boom, it bricked and they couldnt get it off the Apple logo, so , they just gave me a nice shiny refurb There was clearly an issue with my battery - and I suspect they've had quite a few...
Another breathless speculative article that adds nothing and states the obvious of what could be possible
Awkward in sense it's so "professionally done". It wasn't something that spontaneously happened. All orchestrated. slick for a genuine celebration of employees getting together . That's what I meant. Sorry for being unclear
Love that Apple is inclusive, but I'd love to know if the costs associated with the banners, the filming etc are logged as Marketing or not in their financials.. Perhaps it's just a US thing, but to me as a european this all looks awkwardly well thought through and managed.
Im sorry but the MEdical ID part of Health app is weak at best. Anybody with more than the most simple of medical conditions cant clearly put the information in. - Have more than one medication? The basic text field is utterly inadequate. No way to have bullet points, no way to have columns for doses or frequency. - Need to have a doctor or hospital contact in case of a problem? Not really possible unless you you use the generic Emergency contact option but that leave...
You're quite right  - a Global version does exist - and used it when i was living in Brussels, I paid for it. but it's not really the same in terms of scope. It's mainly , though by no means exclusively, 'archive' type stuff. The UK version has practically everything  on catch up and includes watching the channels live.
New Posts  All Forums: