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I'm assuming  will bring out a 14/15 inch version of this within a year. Sure it'll mess up the narrative that it's sized around the keyboard but that'd sell like hotcakes I'm sure.   (Dell's XPS 13 in the 11inch clamshell is similar -  Im sure they too expect to do a 15/13 version.)
I love the look of it, and as somebody with an iMac, I'd definitely find this useful, as I want something portable but not as my primary machine though using OS X ) I do think Intel deserves quite a bit of credit for making this possible. Without their efficiencies the end result of what %uF8FF has done would not have been possible. They'd need the fan, they'd need to be bigger etc. They couldn't be retina etc..
A rolex still works in 20 years time. I am not sure a Smartwatch wholly dependent on iOS 8 (plus what, 9, 10, 11, and possibly 12?) will work with the iPhones of 2035?
 To a degree, possibly, but not really something people will be wearing. they'll sell at auctions or sit in a cabinet in 20 years time, but people won't be wearing them. I mean, heck, they won't even work. Do you think iOS 28 will be compatible with it‽ 
Will see! Personally I think if  was that certain with how this will go they'd not hide the sales in "Other".. For me it'll be a success. First year will be a massive learning curve for . in terms of logistics, supply, marketing, etc etc. They're not stupid. There are enough of those people to buy the watches, and it'll be a relative hit in a market where the competition is lamentable. Fast forward 5 years, we will see. Essentially the technology needs to get out of the...
If they made only a few hundred they will. But that'll be all art of the fun. Celebs getting them delivered in person by somebody from a fancy shop with a fancy bag. These people are used to feeling exclusive and getting something that is bling. Justin B, Riahanna etc.  )I doubt a true middle-aged/retired gentlemen or lady with fine taste and a watch collection will be buying these. but who knows. but frankly as much as they talk about crafting etc, Apple's marketing...
"availability limited" is the most marketing term ever. Everything is "limited" of course. This is just planned for less, but how much less? I reckon they'll sell quite a few - china, middle east, kids of oligarchs, drug dealers, Hollywood/singing types.. These are the ones which Rihanna and that crowd will wave about like spoilt brats. I personally think Swiss luxury watch manufactures need not worry - The real prestigious watch buyers won't buy it. Obviously the likes...
1)  doesn't need to sell many many millions in V1. I consider this almost a learning experience for them. The figures won't be public unless they chose to make them. 2) They're dismissing the 'lower-tier' of their customers / targeting their more likely customers by having it iPhone 5 and more recent dependent, so by definition that helps with the pricing elasticity. They're not trying to sell to people with an iPhone 3G.. 
Overall though, judging by comments on this and others, I wouldn't exclude possibility that Apple will lower prices at some point - or at least adjust them subtly if they see demand is considerably weaker than they expect - probably NOT though before next year and v2...   They've already pre-emted the publicness of this issue - they've hiding the sale figures in "Other" and will treat V1 as a learning process for the company. They'll understand the choice matrix better,...
There will be new bluetooth headphones - for the Watch . Beats or Apple branded. That's the question.
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