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As much as I can't stand Groupon for various reasons, i like the fact that they're making something - coupons / cashback - which is a hassle much easier to claim. Obviously they get data and also a cut, but perhaps the concept is good. I'd prefer it were another company or a start up though rather than Groupon.
i'm fairly confident given the widespread problems that Apple's alleged "Crisis Centre" is in full operation and blocked/blocking this download (i am sure they will).   For us guys it's ok - we know the forums etc, but it's not going to look pretty with people lusting after a few day old phones finding they don't work..  
It's people like you who give an atrocious reputation in some parts of the world to anybody who dares like Apple products. I can completely understand your frustration with Android's distribution but let's not called companies "morons" and go f'ing and blinding. Just looks childish. And look - even Apple isn't perfect judging by the various people with issues this evening. 
Somebody missed sarcasm !
Apple already dispatched this to carriers and selected partners a week or so before official release of iOS 8, for final testing , so it's good they were able to progress it without much delay. But to think all this happened in the last 5 days is a fantasy.
I'd be shocked if they dont have Touch ID on all new iPad models this autumn.    (And of course it's entirely probably they will continue to sell older iPad models and they will be without though)   I wouldn't even be that surprised if the next iPod Touch has it. (though quite when they will be, what size etc, and indeed whether economically feasible  makes me less certain.)
 Frankly thought given the report dated back to July it is entirely possible that back then the yields were even lower and a launch was indeed looking at risk.. 
It's so hard to compare the figures each year.   Sometimes it's the first 48 hours, sometimes it's over the weekend period.   Did that initial 24 hour figure, impressive i know, then crash. Othewise why not give an EVEN better number for the 48 hours?   They rarely specify the models - just saying "iPhone", so has that previous include the older models?   Above all though the figures are global, and for many years those initial numbers of territories in the first...
I would hope it was humour ;)
New Posts  All Forums: