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So not much different to trying to a bunch of services on Apple TV on Europe then? We hadn't a clue why it's blocked - may be nothing to do with censorship. could be a technical or commercial thing.
Still say s "28 days remaining" of a trial on my clean instal, but hey.. i guess the counter is now defunct..
I will buy these ASAP, if nothing else but ti get rid of the pain in the neck of changing the batteries (even with the %uF8FFbattery charger, it's annoying)
 At the time they first launched the 21.5" in 2009 that was the standard 16:9 size going around. Dell, HP.. they all had 21.5' screens, so i'm guessing this was what the screen industry was pumping out. I had had three since then, and I'd like to see the bezel cut right back, which must be possible in 2016 given the laptops out there now (like the dell XPS etc) giving the same overall surface area.As for the HD - They'd need to dramatically reduce the price and increase...
If Apple turned the Macbook pro into this I would buy it in a heartbeat.   You can use a pen, you can detach it into a tablet too. It's unibody. It's powerful. And frankly so would a bunch of you moaning about its design.   Even Gruber likes it. 
if true then those usual suspects in the media/blogging sphere will have them now to review them for the usual timeframe ready to release their opinions. so the rumour probably comes from one of them. Or at least the fact they've been summoned to a hotel somewhere in New York or the east coast.  What's odd is that they didn't really synchronise all this with the release of El Capitan   Im hoping they will release new keyboard/trackpad/mice to go along and for others too. 
It didn't include China last time around for a start. I think the reality is that there are now quite a few reasonable quality android phones now which are considerably cheaper - Motorola for example, and last year was the big punch with new looking phones. In the UK the intiial price cotinues to also be further and further divorced of subsidies. It will be interesting to see if Apple rolls out their upgrade /leasing payment plan internationally next year to help...
I bet somebody from Hull is going to reply now ;) I completely agree though. I wonder what they do when you go into an AppleStore in Bath, and they go "oh well we have this but... well, not here... or in Bristol... or... well, look let's look at the london eye going around and round... I agree it's utterly ridiculous. I can understand it wasnt overnight but we're now, what 2 years out?
For those of you who say the extra week of pre-orders didnt help, of course it did - it's an extra week of pre-orders booked for the first day! If the argument is that they wouldnt have sold more - as if there was a finite number of interest which didnt increase with word of mouth as days rolled into second week - is madness. and doesnt stand water. Do sales suddenly go to zero when the phone is in the shops? of course it doesnt - it continues to sell. Giving an extra...
For me Flyovers is as about as useful as LivePhotos - it looks good on a demo.. 
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