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the snap screen stuff, I hate to say it, on Windows 7 feels a lot more intuative and easier to do - rather than pressing the green button you just snap the chrome of the app against the edge
Absolutely. He could have said "We've seen massive interest and great feedback from consumers.. who want simplicity they see with our iOS devices etc etc.."  He didn't. He basically "yea, well, we try and push things.. sometimes it works..."... 
You've written exactly what I was thinking. PS is always  'on message'. A very disciplined guy - and he deserves credit because if  is good at one thing along with design it's Message and keeping that together, but it frankly it gets boring. Ive, at least, exudes, a certain authenticity in his answers, sometimes giving more nuanced messages which don't sound pre-considered. Of course it's also grubber's fault - couldn't he think of something more off the cuff to ask him...
The disclaimer note at the end made me laugh.
Nice article. My only critique is the odd use of the word "exclusive" in the title.. Would love to understand what is meant by that..
I haven't been able to access my iTunes Match on my Mac for several hours. Rare though this is, it's cruel reminder that Apple's Services dont live up to their hardware and 'offline' software Will I be offered anything in compensation for this subscription failure?
Why can't the leather loops exist in the smaller 38 size%u203D How infuriating! (I realise 39 gets the grotesque modern bucket instead but hey.. that really is feminine)
It's retina which the MacBook Air isn't so that goes someway to explain price.
I wouldn't be so sure those apps will run in any meaningful way.. How are they going to communicate with the Internet or APIs? Indeed I'm not even sure it'll ne able to know the time! It won't even know which country and time zone it's in
How would it connect to give its own location if it's separated from the phone ? I guess if it was hooked to the thefts one then I hope there's a way to do this and disabled it
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