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 LOL. Honestly, I wouldn't be writing this on my iMac and listening to music on my iPhone now (and charging my iPad the other side of the room) if i didn't love apple. but you make a good point - I was trying to defuse potential accusations that i was some sort of Samsung lurker! manifestly it didn't work :)Frankly, I say: let Samsung do their announcement whenever. It shouldn't be a cause of hysteria and silly posts that pretend to guess that we know 1) what apple is...
I love my apple gadgets and frankly hate the samsung junk, but frankly it's a bit rich of Apple folk to say Samsung wants to jump the gun on Apple's health stuff, given that they were first with the health app, and the various hardware health monitors. Sure, i know the pulse thing is complete gimmick as it does nothing more than an app and the normal camera, but given that Apple hasnt announced anything at this point, many could argue Apple is copying Samsung..
Re the apparent lack of true-tone it could be the "5c" type version. They could be reserving that feature for the higher version - which is likely to be even bigger (sigh) I dont believe this is an iPod Touch - due to the uneccessary breaks in the back , unless they add cellular connectivity like an iPad of course.. which could be appealing.. in which case it would also resolve the issue of the 5c space too..
Who says it wont be back? I can see it would have needed a huge overhaul but it was not a priority for Seed 1... Of course they could also decide to do how they manage Podcasts, iBooks or other similar apps and just put them in the store.
I personally am finding iOS 7 on my phone to be a delight. the static screen shot images dont do it justice. That said with all the complaining, i will be interested to see in, say, 9-12 months time. Will you all have deserted?
    It's all so subjective to like or not like a certain blue. Personally, having it on my phone, i find it looks good. I usually prefer dark blues, but honestly this looks good to my eyes on the phone itself.  
I thought I read somewhere on Apple's website that the "adverts" themsevles will be AUDIO, so this isnt 'the' ad, rather just another way to buy the track being listened to (ok, which is sort of an ad!)
Looks like it will be a dust magnet and fall over. Hope I am wrong. I am sad that the iMac i bought in November 2012 is not 802.11ac-capable or is there a remote chance it actually is with a firmware upgrade?  
That first one with the dots etc is really powerful. I practically welled up in the keynote at that point. it felt like something Jonny Ive would have written.
Great to see something other than stupid Facebook integration and kiddy features.
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