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All that cash outside the US.. has to be spent :D
Strange release.. ( Did the sound engineer run out of things to do in his works hours? ;))   I know the rest of them are probably pretty busy right now with whatever the "5S" has and the software teams are clearly pretty busy too, but was the speaker profile causing many complaints?
The three apple stores I went to in the UK didn't have either model in display - london's covent garden had the old models, Bath had the old ones, and the third I can't remember where it was - but it was out. That as people were soon Christmas shopping
What about the forums / comments? This appears just to near the web app..
I used to find it didnt work properly as it would match ones which weren't the same - different versions, different orchestra but same piece, or quite frankly you would have two tracks which were the same but from two different albums which you wanted to keep in tact. So it's not great loss for me. but for those who like it it was a curious omission.
Time and time again I see a US-centric debate on this. Not all orders, are for US customers. So this theory of saving shipping costs only works if you're talking about US customers.
I would have given apple 2000 euros weeks ago had the iMac been available for preorder...
What a joke. Neither of these services are down as beta, and central to my devices and usage. . I've said it before and say it again: apple and google should have found a way to not fight but work together with their respective strengths - apple's record on online stuff says it all.
Agree with you 100%, but i dont know if you can dial back power on a rotor vibrating mechanism. it either buzzes or doesn't, no?   The 4S had a much nicer noise. It's my biggest pet hate with the 5.. 
I am sorry, but as a British citizen I agree with the Juge on this. I love Apple, it's products but this sort of behaviour is unacceptable.   Can you imagine if Samsung found itself in this position in the US how you would react? Apple not only twisted the Order from the judge to the furthest limits (and apparently beyond), but it stuck up it's middle finger at the judge and THEN.. unbelievably claimed it needed 14 DAYS to update it's front page!   I think it's...
New Posts  All Forums: