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I haven't been able to access my iTunes Match on my Mac for several hours. Rare though this is, it's cruel reminder that Apple's Services dont live up to their hardware and 'offline' software Will I be offered anything in compensation for this subscription failure?
Why can't the leather loops exist in the smaller 38 size%u203D How infuriating! (I realise 39 gets the grotesque modern bucket instead but hey.. that really is feminine)
It's retina which the MacBook Air isn't so that goes someway to explain price.
I wouldn't be so sure those apps will run in any meaningful way.. How are they going to communicate with the Internet or APIs? Indeed I'm not even sure it'll ne able to know the time! It won't even know which country and time zone it's in
How would it connect to give its own location if it's separated from the phone ? I guess if it was hooked to the thefts one then I hope there's a way to do this and disabled it
That, I have to say, is ridiculous. They should sell them below cost if necessary and cross-subsidise through sales of the Macbook - would look better! I've only just got over paying for those retched Thunderbolt dongles..  Frankly I suspect most of these dongles end up in a drawer and never really get used, but this is the first time there's literally zero USB>
It may be 'unique' process, but it's not the only watch on the market that does clever things to the gold to have the same outcome - (making it cheaper to make and longer lasting): Hublot does it as Jon Gruber posted.
I agree with you (and agree that you agree with me :D).  They couldn't realistically have sat back for the next 3 years, waiting for the teach to go tiny, and let other brands dominate the market. Today they have put the stake in the ground, said "We're here and we're serious, join the journey" and that'll carry forward as an established expectation by buyers that  is a leader of wearables. Customers will join in waves - v1 relative enthusiasts, their most loyal and...
I'm assuming  will bring out a 14/15 inch version of this within a year. Sure it'll mess up the narrative that it's sized around the keyboard but that'd sell like hotcakes I'm sure.   (Dell's XPS 13 in the 11inch clamshell is similar -  Im sure they too expect to do a 15/13 version.)
I love the look of it, and as somebody with an iMac, I'd definitely find this useful, as I want something portable but not as my primary machine though using OS X ) I do think Intel deserves quite a bit of credit for making this possible. Without their efficiencies the end result of what %uF8FF has done would not have been possible. They'd need the fan, they'd need to be bigger etc. They couldn't be retina etc..
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