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Weak sales = you predicted Apple will sell 420,001 starships. They clearly missed this mark so the stock will suffer as a result.
 No, you're correct. iTunes Match = ad free iTunes Radio.
So everyone was bitching about the thought of Apple releasing a "cheap" iPhone.   Now everyone is bitching that it's not cheap enough.   Nice to see nothing's changed.   Whatever. Apple will sell a gazillion of these.
"Reportedly, Microsoft is testing "transparent aluminum" for the body of its device." Transparent aluminum. "Hello computer!"
  Geeks and tech pundits want new, shiny things.   To quote The Beard: "Muggles are not always interested in the same things that tech weenies care about."
Who cares what it's called?   SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
Funny, I don't recall Apple announcing an event. September 12 is a rumour cited by anonymous sources.
2013 eh? If this keeps up, RIM, you won't even be around in 2013.
New Posts  All Forums: