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Love it! And credit to Apple for recognizing that China is a sovereign nation that has a right to protect its interests - and like the US, spy on everyone else. I've got more faith in Tim Cook to protect his own technology and not agree to anything compromising privacy that I do in the US government.
No idea how to judge the transaction - except I have to say that as much as I like most Apple products, for me, Apple Radio is useless. Never ceases to amaze me by playing songs unrelated the station I created. I mean, such bad matches I just have to quit it and play my own mix.
And people have to argue about whether Samsung and Android simply copied the iPhone?
Its been amazing and pretty sleek considering its bulk by today's standards - six years old and still keeps going fine - but too slow for iMovie projects and I'm afraid one of these days it won't come to life .. 
I'm on a BlackBook still running ok - I WANT MY NEW MB PRO RETINA!
Criticism seems worthy - though I don't know first hand what it would look like in the proposed area. Personally, I'm feeling that Apple's once great designs are a getting a bit dated and yes, OMG, mall-ishly standard and spare.
Having read Apple's apology and the response in China, it appears that Tim Cook et all did a very good job of understanding the country and responding in a way that is culturally and politically sophisticated. Only time will tell if Apple can be successful in the world's largest country and market over the long term. But what they've done so far certainly looks good.
OMG! This has to be the funniest, most informative "editorial" I have I ever read. I'm sure the apple-haters will have a field day pointing out everything they disagree with, but this is just a terrific piece of writing and analysis as far as I'm concerned.
Get over it - yes, Walmart is innovating, again, along with apple.
Have you gone to an MS store and tried the surface and the $100 flat keyboard - kind of nice, but the keyboard is nearly useless and the device doesn't wow and seems small.
New Posts  All Forums: