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OMG - this must be the dumbest thing Apple can do.  The customer experience, the level of service, the genius bar, providing service out of warranty sometimes - this is what makes people like the Apple experience.  DITCH THIS GUY NOW!
Never liked Orbitz - now I'll make sure I never, ever use it.
Chalk one up for sanity - one year cycle looks good for all involved - purchasers, developers, manufacturers, Apple - less chaos, more value, etc.
I love Apple and often post comments defending the company or whatever - but as an antitrust attorney, I have to say that this, shall we say "reeks" of the Microsoft tactics that led to a major antitrust investigation. If Pendragon is a key supplier of this type of laptop, and Apple does not have IP rights that exclusivity is required to protect, we could be looking at a serious antitrust issue.
Oh, how dare you write about this, don't we all know know that Apple only takes jobs outside of the US? This article illustrates the problem with sensationalist reporting - like on Apples foreign manufacturing. Why didn't the NYT article note that while manufacturing jobs are overseas, buying Apple products creates jobs in the US? (I won't go into the utter failure to place the working conditions issue in any meaningful context.) At least Apple Insider readers are...
What a joke - no context whatsoever on working conditions and the costs and progress of economic development - aka capitalism - in China, or other countries. It is totally worthless "journalism" to go to a country like China, barely 25 years into its capitalist - industrial development phase, and hold it to standards of smaller, western developed countries with over 100 years or pretty horrendous stories of the human cost of industrialization. BTW - workers in China...
I've been reading the NYT for 50 years, paper then digital. Two words: too expensive
What a laugher. If you like a phone and it or the manufacturer has a decent history of reliability, it meets your needs, fits in your budget, then you buy it. The CR folks offer virtually no useful information - just hyper-opinions. Obviously, these devices have life cycle issues that more informed buyers will consider. But a good phone that meets your need does not become obsolete because a newer-better model has come out.
Yeah, and we chose our water company, electric company, and garbage collectors because their "brands" and performance mean so much to us!
OMG OMG OMG And this guy is running Microsoft - into the ground! Even if one were brain dead, just read the stupid surveys and studies! Few brands today are as valuable - mean as much to consumers - as Apple.
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