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As an antitrust lawyer of 30 years, I agree with this post. Apple's vertical integration and the competitive advantage it gains from it and its IP is classic pro-competitive behavior. It may be a dominant player, but its market position was gained by competition, not acquisitions or anticompetitive conduct. As a dominant player, there arguably are additional constraints on its behavior - it probably cannot engage in conduct designed only to disadvantage a competitor,...
Hey guys, did you notice how the police did (not) respond US style - beating and arresting protestors. For those who are looking for China to become a US style democracy - try following China policy developments and responses to public pressure and needs. Lets see what happens with Wintek. I'm guessing there may be some serious reforms.
OMG! This guy is CEO and says he has never even laid hand on the competing product the dominates the market! I would sell all my stock in Palm if I believed this guy - not much to say about what's wrong with him saying this. Check him for brain wave activity, quick!
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