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Are you an accountant? Because you sound like my accountant.
1920 seeders on Pirate Bay. Seems popular. Sad it's not on Apple Music.
Don't be square.
"Arcuri was quick to point out that software developers will ultimately determine how much the iPad Pro can replace a PC" And yet the iPad Pro cannot be used by software developers to develop software unlike a Macbook Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro.
Tim Cook said recently that he now carries just an iPhone and an iPad Pro when he travels. This tells us one thing about Tim Cook: He does not write code. We know this because with that combo there is no way to develop apps since XCode is not available for the iPad Pro. You can develop Windows apps on a Surface Pro in Visual Studio. If you want to develop and test apps in the field (like say a GPS based app) you must lug around an iPad and a Mac laptop and then tether the...
By the time this partnership bears fruit, they will be competing with the A11 processor. One thing Intel showed is that when it comes to desiging processors, it is good to be the king. You can invest heavily in new fabs and buy or develop all the best new chip technology to stay ahead of the competition. That worked great for Intel until they missed the mobile revolution and then sabotaged their high end CPU performance to try to win back low power CPU dominance.
Why do I have to use the Siri remote to painfully enter my complex iCloud password for some free apps but others (like NetFlix) install at the tap of the button? For that matter, why do I ever have to "buy" a free app? You can turn the need to enter a password off for free apps in iOS but it often asks me anyway (there seems to be no pattern to it other than perhaps software updates). On top of that there is no way to use a keyboard or the Apple Remote app. This is a real...
Try debugging a 3GB app GPS based app in the field some time and then we will talk. My preferred solution would be XCode for the iPad Pro which I think would make both of us happy.
At least Microsoft figured out that all screens must be touchable going forward even if it is only for occasional use. I have been holding off buying any mac laptops for years waiting for them to add a touch screen. I need it for my iOS app development. Currently you have to run on an external device when testing which is a real pain.
I find the removal of this app to be objectionable. The content was not objectionable in the slightest. It sounds informative. The media almost never covers drone strikes any more. Somehow the idea that a person sitting thousands of miles away making life and death decisions about tiny human shaped dots on a screen has become ordinary rather than the war crime it truly is.
New Posts  All Forums: