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I am wondering what would happen to CurrentC if Apple and Google banned their personal information gathering app? I am also wondering what would happen if Apple pulled their products from WalMart since they won't let customers pay for them with Apple Pay? You know Jobs would have done both of these things in a New York minute.
NVidia first demonstrated their K1 processor at Siggraph in 2013. Their strategy appears to be to show off next years processor and compare its performance to this years shipping processors and GPUs. In that light it appears to be extremely impressive but by the time it ships in an actual phone or tablet, it is merely average. The K1 has decent performance but I suspect it is being held back by Google's interpreted/JIT code. No matter how much Google tries, native compiled...
"The app currently has no user reviews." Fixed!
The iPad Mini 3's best feature is its ability to knock $100 off the price of the Mini 2. If you get a refurb one like I just did, you save a total of $180. Also 32 GB is only $50 more than 16 GB. With tax I got a cellular iPad Mini 2 with 32 GB RAM and AT&T cellular data for $433.92 including tax.
I had better brush up on my Chinese.
With the Beats acquisition and the Apple Watch not having a headphone plug and the loss of the original iPod, I am wondering if it has been "way too long" since Apple had a music event. At the very least they need high quality, wireless Bluetooth headphones.
Judging by eBay, water is a much more serious threat to iPhones than cracked screens. It is easy to get a cracked screen replaced but once an iPhone gets wet, it is dead for good in most cases. I have my fingers crossed that the Apple Watch shows the future of Apple's mobile products: Completely sealed and water resistant.
4 GB of RAM seems hard to justify when you can get a 64GB micro SD card for $37 (I just picked one at random): http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Electronics-Adapter-MB-MP64DA-AM/dp/B00IVPU7AO/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1411399844&sr=1-2&keywords=micro sd
PayPal is the company that will take away all your money from your account for no stated reason and offers no recourse to people they do this to. Most recently, they removed access to the account of the author of Fukushima Diary who was living off the funds at the time. No reason was given: http://fukushima-diary.com/
Does anyone else find it odd that we have to speculate about iPhone hardware specs after it was announced and after people have placed orders for it? Apple does not even tell third party developers about the hardware platform they must develop for such as how much RAM they have to work with in their apps. I had to coax the fact that the A6 CPU could do a simple divide in hardware out of an Apple engineer. For years Apple had sessions at every WWDC to go over significant...
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