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I find the removal of this app to be objectionable. The content was not objectionable in the slightest. It sounds informative. The media almost never covers drone strikes any more. Somehow the idea that a person sitting thousands of miles away making life and death decisions about tiny human shaped dots on a screen has become ordinary rather than the war crime it truly is.
The biggest missing features on the Apple Watch are: 1. A  built in GPS for location tracking. 2. A full SDK with features like 3D, touch gestures, views and many other features that don't box developers into Apple's view of what the watch should be used for.
It is much worse than that. iOS developers are prevented from accessing the full abilities of the devices due to privacy concerns. Apple used to have a really powerful Bluetooth SDK. Now it has been demolished because Bluetooth uses unique IDs. In order to hide those IDs Apple had to break the spec that they helped develop. There has never been an official WiFi SDK even though it is a public standard intended to be used by all developers. Part of the reason has to be...
If only you could get Applecare for the drone... because you are going to crash it. Trust me. It will crash. I own one and even though I have tried to be extremely careful, I have crashed mine twice so far. This is a very expensive hobby to get into but I have to say it is also one of the most rewarding ones. The videos are simply amazing. They are better than the video you can make with a helicopter and much safer for all involved.
16GB is the new 4GB. It is unusable on a phone that records 4K video, can download 4GB apps (which require over 8GB to install) and caches loads of data from the cloud. There is no technical justification for the 16GB base model and little financial reason (flash storage is now very cheap). Consumers know when they are being gouged. In a year when many people are asking if they really need to upgrade, that 16GB storage will help them decide.
Windows 10 does not activate currently under Parallels when using the BootCamp partition even though this is an advertised feature of Parallels 10 and 11. Here is a thread about it: https://forum.parallels.com/threads/windows-10-bootcamp-vm-cant-validate.328996/
Good idea. Massively overpriced. China will spit those things out for $50 each.
Response: Think of the NSA!
Ugh. The iPad Mini is plenty thin enough. Give me more battery life, a better camera and a current generation CPU!
The inability to update an Android phone to the latest Android version supported by the hardware on the day the update is released is unacceptable. This is the #1 reason I would never use an Android phone as my primary smartphone. On the other hand you can pick them up for as little as $20 and they make a great FPV screen for drones.
New Posts  All Forums: