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Tell me again why I can't get SMS messages on my cellular data equipped iPad without an attached iPhone? SMS is such a scam. I really wish Apple would not use it for second factor authentication.
What happens if you get to the store and find out that the band you ordered does not fit? Can you swap it with a different band in the store or will they make you get a reservation?
Anyone else want one made of "a new kind of plastic" for $250?
The next big tech trends: Virtual/augmented reality Self driving automobiles Flying cameras/drones Of those, Apple has a few patents in VR/AR, it is rumored to be working on a self driving car and has nothing at all for flying cameras. AR is the only exciting wearable tech.
There is one major advantage that an AppleTV game console would have over an XBox One or PS4: Development cost. It costs a lot to develop an indie game for a game console for the tools and the developer license and then you still have to be accepted by the console maker and are then at their mercy. Developing for iOS costs $99 per year and all the tools are free. It is a lot easier to get a game onto the App Store. If Apple does the same for the AppleTV apps, that would be...
When Apple releases a beta of iOS, they tell developers to not use on any device they actually use. That's good advice because you don't want to find out your data was trashed or your phone locks up. Unfortunately that also means that there are few people testing iOS for many common uses before it is released. With a period of open beta, Apple is simply formalizing a process that already exists. The first few release versions of iOS have many bugs. Users know this which is...
To be fair, there are a few things that worry me about an Apple automobile. A car has a lot of moving parts and is exposed to some extremely harsh environments. Wheels and engine parts move at high speed. There is a lot of vibration and the entire thing must work even if partially submerged in water. The iPhone cannot stand even a damp environment and routinely breaks if exposed to any kind of drop or stress. Many automobile failure modes only appear after many hours of...
How can you use two step verification if you don't have text service on your cell phone? It costs extra and I never use it since I have Skype and a data plan.
The patent has an optical assembly as one of its claims but I don't see anything about head tracking, VR or augmented reality. Still, if Apple wanted they could use this patent as a way to go after Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR. I think it would be inadvisable though. Considering how far behind the pack in VR and AR that Apple is at this moment, it would be better if they used the patent to trade with the leaders of the pack (Facebook, Microsoft and Google).
If you are a Windows or Android user who is just a bit interested in Apple products, Apple will give you 5GB of free iCloud service so you can try it out. On the other hand, if you buy a $3000 iMac, a $900 iPad and a $800 iPhone, Apple will give you ... 5GB of free iCloud service which you will find completely unusable. Shouldn't Apple grant additional lifetime iCloud storage as a perk for buying their expensive hardware while also making most of their new OS features...
New Posts  All Forums: