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Even if you are a huge Apple fan (like I am) think for a moment about how much it would suck if there was no competing Android platform. Competition is a good thing no matter how you look at it (unless you are a monopoly). I think that if I were not an iOS developer that I would prefer Android for its hacking potential and app anarchy. If there is something to take away from this article it is that Apple has a very profitable mobile platform while Google and the rest of...
The sun is also scheduled to rise on the morning of July 8. Is that just a coincidence? Perhaps Apple is working on solar charging.
That's easy to fix. In the next update of Android, just ask users to give permission to an app that tries to send a text message. Oh wait! Most phones never get an Android update. Guess you are screwed then.
If I had to guess, I would say that Apple knew full well about the speed limitation but decided to ship their tried and tested TCP stack with the initial release of the Macbook Air in order to meet their deadlines and always had a plan to address the issue with a future version of Mountain Lion or Mavericks. One thing that Apple does extremely well is networking software. After trying routers and software from various vendors, I ended up going all Apple and now enjoy...
Perhaps in a few more years in iOS 10 we will have the ability to select skins for iOS which will let us pick between the classic, iOS 7, iOS 10 or third party custom looks. I for one am in favor of giving the user more choices, making it easy to reset to defaults and making the defaults work the Apple designers think they should.
Apple obsoletes old devices in an interesting way. Even long after you can no longer update an older device like the original iPhone, it can still access the App Store. However there is no way to find apps that run on an original iPhone on the App Store. You can't just list compatible apps and at this point the only apps that would still run on that device are ones that have not been updated in several years to use newer versions of iOS. Even knowing that, finding apps...
Let them eat Android!
"AT&T adds emergency alert system" so that Big Brother can talk us whenever it wants. Sure this system is optional now. But since it is in our own best interest, how long before these become mandatory alerts? How long before we are require to acknowledge official alerts with a thumb print? And how the heck do we know what this or any other software update mandated by the government really contains in a closed system? Where can I get a look at the source code of this...
Great. Now I want to be able to do things with Siri that would be difficult to do any other way such as: "Turn on WiFi when I am at home". There are many tasks that would require a complicated UI but could be done with simple spoken commands. "Dim the screen at night when I am driving." "Be silent when I am in a movie theater." You get the idea.
Let's hope Apple disables this hack the right way: By allowing third party apps on the AppleTV. I will be watching WWDC and keeping my fingers crossed.
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