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Does anyone else wish that the Mac Pro had two CPUs and one GPU? Dual 12 core Xeons would help me a lot more than dual ATI GPUs.
Apple's real competition is not Samsung's $600 S4. It is the $30-$50 pre-paid smart phones you can now pick up at Walmart. At less than one tenth the price, these phones are quite capable of doing all the thing users expect a smart phone to do. I picked up a $50 Nokia 520 from the Microsoft kiosk in front of the Apple store at my local mall. I expected it to be slow and cheaply designed. It actually had fast and fluid graphics and feels solid. It even has a built in GPS...
At this point, Apple should be seriously considering producing its own chips. Apple is big enough and the mobile revolution is not a fad. This would be a worthwhile investment for the company and could give them access to leading edge fabrication techniques. Currently they are at the mercy of chip suppliers in other countries and are constantly playing catch up to Intel.
I had to upgrade the ROM in a prototype Mac SE one time. I had no clue what I was doing and had to pull really hard on the old ROM to get it. When it did come out my hand jerked up and knocked the back of the tube. I stood there stupidly holding the small piece of glass while listening to air rushing in. I felt a bit like the astronaut in 2001 uselessly trying to plug the air hose back into his helmet.
I wish LaCie would sell just the thunderbolt drive enclosures with no drives. My idea of good flash drives and theirs are somewhat different. I would like to see what a pair of 2 GB flash drives could do. There are also a pair of 900 GB drives that would be fairly affordable. 1 TB is the same size as the Thunderbolt Little Big Disk they offered in October 2012.
When was the last time you got sick from a germ on your touch screen. Don't want germs? Don't let anyone else touch your touch screen.   Now if they made kitchen tiles with this feature, I would be interested.
I also got Tiny Thief in the USA. Perhaps it is random. Both that app and the pilot episode are free for everyone (in the US store anyway). You can create an account in another store if you really like some gift in another country. I did that last year to try the 12 days app in the UK.
I really hope this rumor is true because Apple needs to fill more niches with different iPhone models. It is crazy to have just one size for all users. I would really love to see Apple go in the other direction and offer a tiny iPhone built around Siri.
A friend of mine asked how the auto-brightness feature on the iMac could work without using the camera or turning on the LED? There may be some reason (like a separate illumination sensor near the camera but not part of it) but I don't have the answer. I admit it has been bothering me a bit. It is time someone offered an attractive lens cover for the iMac but that will stop the auto-brightness working as well.
*Grumbles about GTA V not coming out for the PS4*   Rockstar, shut up and take my money!
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