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Meanwhile, Siri can now change the screen brightness which is a feature I asked for myself: "dim the screen" Siri: OK I made it a bit darker. "full brigthness" Siri: This is as bright as it gets. I find this much better than Glass jokes.
I disagree completely with the DOJ's take on Steve Jobs' e-mail. Apple was clearly going ahead with its in-app purchase with its new payment system. Steve was saying that forcing Amazon to adopt it in their Kindle app would be a good thing for consumers since Apple's payment system is "far superior". Steve's other e-mail was interesting as well. It was in response to an angry e-mail from the developer of the iFlow reader app over the changes to the in-app purchase...
The best thing to do with Microsoft is to break it up into several smaller companies. This would raise shareholder value while avoiding the internal conflicts that have held this company back for so many years.
The cable companies will get to keep exclusive rights to channels like HBO but no one wants channels any more they want content. NetFlix and Amazon already have access to some of the content such as Breaking Bsd and now Apple will as well. In the end the cable companies will become ISPs and the obsolete concepts of channels, scheduled programming and inserted ads will vanish into history.
It would be great if the new version of Parallels remembered the position of icons on the Windows desktop. It often jumbles the positions of the icons when the screen changes sizes which it likes to do for no reason when you re-open the Parallels window after it has been minimized. I use IconRestorer to work around this issue.
At least Android has Google Drive accessible to all apps that want it. The only way to share documents between apps via a common storage location on iOS is to use Google Drive or Drop Box third party SDKs. Apple has no way to do this. It is a huge miss and one I expect will hurt the platform over the next year.
I admit that there are a few graphics that are lacking. A good example is the crude graphic for the charging battery on the lock screen. Overall it looks amazing. Everything is so crisp and clean now and he colors are vibrant. I love how it looks when you switch between apps or shut down a running app with a swipe. The floating 3D icons are a cute feature but unless you close one eye, they don't look 3D. Perhaps this is a hint that there will be a 3D screen in the not too...
I like the idea of a low cost iPad Mini to go along with the low cost iPhone. An iPad Mini with the current screen and an A6 processor would do very well at about $249. That would leave room for the new premium models with retina and the A7 processor starting at the current $329. It also matches the iPod Touch which starts with a lower ended model at $229 and 16 GB and then goes to the premium model starting at $299.
At the Siggraph conference two weeks ago I had a number of conversations with companies on the show floor about the lack of significant performance increases at the top end of desktop PCs. The consensus is that all of the R&D efforts at Intel and other companies is now going into lower power and higher performance mobile products and that the desktop computer platform is going to disappear as a mass market product. Those of us that must use computers instead of mobile...
The prices shown for Android Tablets near the top of the article are real as of today. The screen shot is from Walmart's web page: http://www.walmart.com/search/search-ng.do?ic=16_0&Find=Find&search_query=android tablet&Find=Find&search_constraint=0 Two of the three shown are 4.3 inch "tablets". The amazing thing is how little desire I have to own one of these no-name Android tablets even at less than $50. They will likely never get an OS upgrade. They don't even have the...
New Posts  All Forums: