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Yes of course I understand why the cables are so expensive. That is why Thunderbolt is an impractical design. I was at the IDF show when Intel first showed off Thunderbolt. Back then the plug looked like a standard USB but it carried an optical cable. There was no expensive processor on each end of the cable. Unfortunately the design was broken so they had to hack together the processors in both connectors of a copper cable. Ask yourself why those processors could not have...
Right now Thunderbolt is like a drug that cures cancer but no one can afford and is generally unavailable. Part of good engineering of a spec is to make sure that it is practical. Intel has totally failed on that front.
Imagine if instead of this, Intel announced a new $5 Thunderbolt cables and dirt cheap licensing. How excited would you be then?
The lack of a laminated screen and touch ID are the only two features I feel are missing on the current iPad Air. I noticed the "glassy" appearance of the display immediately. Compared to the iPhone's screen which looks like the pixels are floating on the surface of the glass, the iPad Air's pixels appear to be recessed behind the glass. It is a small thing but then all of Apple's products are just a lot of small things done right.
Is anyone else interested in a smaller iPhone? Something really easy to put in your pocket, hardened against keys, water resistant and not as slippery so no cover is needed? I find that even the iPhone 4 is too big to be comfortable in my pocket.
Imagine what they could do if WiFi hotspots contained hardware to determine precise range and direction of users in the mesh. The current invention is a bit of a hack that uses current WiFi hardware. Future hardware could contain time of flight technology for much more precise measurements leading to centimeter or even millimeter location precision. There are many cool uses for this type of precision including directed audio, beamed data, lights that show you the way in...
I wonder if they are going to expand this HTML 5 design tool into a full blown web pager designer? It would be nice to see the return of iWeb.
The A7 is limited to 31 bits of address space (2GB) by iOS 7 currently. While it is technically a 64 bit operating system, Apple found it to be more efficient to limit address space. Many developers, including myself, are hoping to see at least 42 bits of address space in iOS 8. Then we will see real competition with desktop computers.
How well would it have done against Android phones if it had sold for $399?
Three things that don't mix: Cameras in the living room or bed room Smart internet connected technology Closed source software I don't even trust Apple with that combo. If they can leave an obvious back door in their open source SSL code for months, what NSA induced nightmares will be lurking inside their black box code?
New Posts  All Forums: