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Three things that don't mix: Cameras in the living room or bed room Smart internet connected technology Closed source software I don't even trust Apple with that combo. If they can leave an obvious back door in their open source SSL code for months, what NSA induced nightmares will be lurking inside their black box code?
The biggest problem with iOS Maps currently is the inability to locate stores within outdoor malls. If you get directions to such a store, the Maps app will dump you at the entrance to the parking lot. Some of these malls are vast and it can be very difficult to locate a particular store. I once spent forty minutes driving and walking around searching for the one I wanted. Google Maps do a better job but are still not perfect. I suspect that Google knows more because...
Apple forgot to include a touch surface in their game controller spec. Even the Ouya game controller has touch as does the PS4's controllers. This is something you will be sorely missing when you use third party games and other apps on your Apple TV. This makes me think that the 2.0 version of the game controller spec is on the way along with first party controllers. I may be willing to pay $80 for a high quality Apple branded controller with the right features.
This is needed so that iPads can be interchangeable with each other within a company. If an iPads is not the responsibility of any particular employee and can instead drift around the company and used by whoever picks it up then it needs some kind of location based security to prevent it from wandering off home. That security needs to be tight. They can't simply wipe them to remove the security. You could still have personal smart devices as well but they would have a...
 They would re-enable themselves when the network goes back up again and they reconnect to it. WiFi networks do not go down very often in my experience. It is far more likely that the internet connection would be lost but that would not disable the devices if the scheme I suggested was implemented.
Apple did not implement my suggestion which was location based security and device sharing for enterprise users. The idea was that any device removed from the network and/or physical location would automatically brick themselves until they were reactivated by IT (or returning them to their proper location). It would also allow any person in the company to pick up any mobile device, log in with their credentials (or fingerprint) and then have the device immediately restore...
One of the things the FCC should study is the level to which Americans trust their government to collect data about them on their smart devices. The FCC could determine how revelations about the NSA's activities are impeding technological progress. This could help the government understand how important it is to have limits on wholesale spying and oversight of the NSA.
I keep all my Apple hardware. I even keep the packaging. The book case behind me looks like part of an Apple Store. I just love to look at the design.
iAnywhere could be a real Apple initiative but it probably won't just be docking an iPad to a keyboard. It would more likely be docking something like an iPsd or iPod Touch to a refrigerator or a washing machine and leaving it connected permanently. That would give you smart touch screen appliances running iOS and with the ability to extend their features via apps.
That's how you use a flexible display. You pull down the edges so it appears to be edgeless. The contacts are then vertical along the sides. You would need to make the edges curved, not a hard edge like the current iPhone, so that the maximum bend is not exceeded for the flexible display. Later models could pull the display all the way over the edge and down the sides to some degree allowing information and controls (volume for example) to be shown along the edges.
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