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There are some decent bluetooth GPS devices that work with the WiFi iPad. These get better reception and can greatly extend your battery usage when recording GPS tracks with the screen off. You can also place the GPS on your dash board or someplace where it has a good view of the sky. They do cost about $100 each though so I still recommend getting the LTE version of the iPad with GPS for only $40 more.  
There is something very meta about asking my old new iPad to remind me to order my new new iPad.
If the current 16GB A5 iPad was dropped to $229 and there was an 8GB version of the new iPod Touch at $199, an iPad Mini with a retina display, an A6 processor and 32GB of flash at $329 will seem like the right price. The only question is when will this upgrade take place?
So many wrong messages in that ad: Surface users are robot like people who live in a commune where they freely interchange components. Underage boarding school girls break dancing (WTF?) The only people not using surfaces are old. We like our mobile devices to make metallic clicking noises. No one actually uses a Surface. They just like to show them off. I defy you to watch that commercial and come up with a single reason to own the thing. So hows that Zune doing?
We should be able to use Siri to do things like set the volume to max or mute, dim or brighten the screen, switch from WiFi to cellular data and back. You should be able to do a lot more with a voice interface than you can with the graphical UI. You should even be able to construct rules like "when I leave my home, turn off WiFi and turn on Cellular 3G". Siri has so much potential. I hope it is not abandoned for some shiny new feature in next year's iPhone.
I was pleased to learn that the armv7s, as Apple calls the new chip architecture, includes a hardware divide instruction. This may explain the rather impressive benchmark results. It will certainly make optimizing our apps easier as this architecture is deployed across the entire iOS family of mobile products.
Much better than the last ads. These are back to basics. They tell a clear story and demonstrate the features that make the newest iPhone great.
Rome was not mapped in a day. Apple's Maps is one of the most exciting things to happen in online mapping in a long time. Considering this is a 1.0 version of a fully vector map that is rendered on the fly the quality and performance of Apple's maps is amazing. Equally amazing is the speed at which map corrections and improvements are happening. Consider that when Apple depended on Google Maps that they were unable to make any improvements at all in the map. They were...
Street View: It is much better than fly over for virtually visiting a location. I use it all the time and fly over is no replacement. HOWEVER: Most users never even knew that street view was available in the maps app. Even though I did know where it was I never used it in that app. I think that when Google releases a new GMaps app that street view will be a lot easier to use so I see this as a benefit to both the Maps app and Google Maps. I will probably use both apps...
Would they then need a third event to roll out the new iMac and Mac Mini computers? Seems like a lot of events in a rather short period of time. The whole point of staggering events is to allow everyone to focus on the new devices before announcing another batch of products. I think that the iPad Mini is similar enough to the iPhone to talk about them at one event. I am not sure if there even will be an iPod touch if the iPad Mini costs about the same price. That just...
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