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As an app developer, I can tell you that Apple has broken the Bluetooth standard (that they helped define) by hiding the unique IDs it is based upon from developers. This is being done by Apple's SDK not the device itself. For WiFi the situation is vastly worse. There is not and never has been a WiFi SDK for iOS making life very difficult for both developers and users alike. It is far easier to setup a Nest smoke detector on an Android device than an iOS device. In most...
Xiaomi fails to understand that they fail not because they copy Apple or because their CEO buys 50 shirts at a time so he can always wear the same one like Steve Jobs. They fail because they are a typical Chinese company that is lacking in ethics. Ethics is not even taught in Chinese business schools. Someone who acted ethically in China is treated like a fool and seen as someone to be taken advantage of. Chinese companies can and do innovate all the time but then those...
How about a solar powered Apple Watch charger that you simply place the watch onto to charge it? I have been using a solar powered Logitech keyboard for the past couple of years and love it. It gets all its power from the LED lights in my office. It is not about saving power. It is about saving the frustration of having your batteries die while you are working.
All these things are true about the Phantom drones: They are amazing technology that work incredibly well (for the vast majority of owners). They are great value. It's a 4K motion stabilized flying camera for $1250. If you don't know what you are doing, it is one of the fastest ways to blow $1250. They have horrible customer support and have the Chinese attitude that the customer is always screwed. They have technical issues and bugs that requires regular reading of...
Home appliances, including thermostats, typically last 10 to 20 years. This seem to be at odds with tech gadgets that need to be replaced every two years. Does anyone think that whatever devices Apple is selling 2035 will be compatible with that thermostat or will it have been tossed in the trash by 2020?
That GoPro $400 1080p camera makes the $1250 DJI Phantom 3 Pro which has a 4K motion stabilized camera and can FLY up to a mile away seem like a fantastic deal.
For many the choice is whether to buy a phone with the lowest storage every year or a phone with the higher storage every two years. If Apple increased the base storage to 64GB, far more people would upgrade every year. Why? Because when you upgrade you lose all that storage you purchased. You can't move it to the new phone so you have to buy it again at Apple's gigantic premium. I know I held off buying a new iPad last year for this reason.
No more 16GB phones please. Apple needs a big step up in storage. 64GB would be a good for a base model with 128 and 256GB for the higher end models.
Make fun of it if you want but I for one would love to see Apple make a wrap around display. That will be one cool looking iPhone.
I would rather fight a terrorist for my life than the government for my freedom.
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