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This may be partially my fault. I have several 2GB apps and for some time have been asking Apple to increase the app size limit. My apps are big because they contain offline map data. The 2GB limit meant I had to split the USA into four sections. The biggest problem I faced was that every time I did an update, the OpenStreetMap database I use gets bigger and more details so my app sizes increased. That meant I had to remove some data by shrinking the coverage or lose some...
Two step authentication is great but why does one have to be SMS? I don't have any phone with SMS turned on. That feature costs money and except for authentication I have no use for it. I think text messages are just a scam dreamt up by the phone companies preying on foolish people who don't know they could be sent more efficiently via the internet.
Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!
I agree. The vans are for street level mapping of urban areas. Apple's 3D maps are not very good at that level. Having up to date images of store fronts and objects on sidewalks fits well with their plans for indoor mapping of shopping malls. Hopefully they are driving the vans around the parking lots of open malls since currently Maps has no way to direct you to an individual store and some of those malls are vast. I spent 30 minutes search for a restaurant in one outdoor...
Bring Apple manufacturing jobs back to 'merica ... and give them to robots.
I was wondering why they changed "Free" to "Get". I just wish you did not need to type in your iTunes password when you "Get" a free app. I also wish that you did not need to begin the download in order to really own the app. Sometimes the app is too large to be downloaded via cellular data or too big to fit on your device so you cannot download it but you still want to own it for later download. There is no way to do that currently so if it is on sale for a day and you...
I bet they embed ID chips in their screens, batteries, cases and other components so that when an iPhone is reported as stolen, no part of it can be used to repair another iPhone. They could also use this to kill the non-Apple replacement parts market entirely if they wished.
The big problem is code developed to support SSE and AVX SIMD instruction sets. I doubt that could be translated automatically into the ARM SIMD instructions.
If strong encryption could lead to the death of a child, what could insecure data lead to?
The thing Intel refuses to understand is that there is no need for x86 compatibility on an iOS or Android tablet. I see x86 as a liability not a benefit. Intel and its defenders claim that less than 10% of the CPU die is devoted to the x86 CISC instruction set to which I say that it would be better used to make the cache size larger. The x86 instruction set is obsolete. We don't need backwards compatibility for Windows apps if we are not running Windows. Unfortunately,...
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