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iAds would do a lot better if they used the bar for useful information like the weather forecast, top news stories, stock prices, sports scores, road alerts when traveling and so on. Currently users just ignore the iAd bar because all it shows is ads. How well would a radio channel do if all it played was ads? For that matter look what happened to Playstation Home which was a giant 3D virtual world of ads. To get people's attention you need to mix the ads with useful...
I wonder if they used "Find My iPad" to catch the thieves? You KNOW they Apple has this enabled on all their prototypes these days in a way that cannot be turned off.
For those hating on tattoos: What if Apple sold a watch that was a tattoo? It is not out of the realm of possibility. I don't have a tattoo but if I could get technology that became part of my skin, I think I would.
That spinner would drive me crazy. It does that when it is getting data from the iPhone via Bluetooth. I noticed it in the Apple Watch simulator in XCode and was worried about it and now I see that it is just as annoying as I expected it to be. I am going to wait for the native app SDK before I get excited about the Apple Watch. I think that with native apps that don't need an iPhone to work, the Apple Watch will be amazing.
It is hard to justify the iPod Touch at over $200 when you can get a really decent smartphone with more features for under $50 at any department store. You don't need to activate the smartphone to use it for all the things you can use an iPod Touch for. The smartphone has additional features such as GPS.
How many more versions will it be before Apple puts the stereo speakers on the long edge so they can be used while watching video?
Tell me again why I can't get SMS messages on my cellular data equipped iPad without an attached iPhone? SMS is such a scam. I really wish Apple would not use it for second factor authentication.
What happens if you get to the store and find out that the band you ordered does not fit? Can you swap it with a different band in the store or will they make you get a reservation?
Anyone else want one made of "a new kind of plastic" for $250?
The next big tech trends: Virtual/augmented reality Self driving automobiles Flying cameras/drones Of those, Apple has a few patents in VR/AR, it is rumored to be working on a self driving car and has nothing at all for flying cameras. AR is the only exciting wearable tech.
New Posts  All Forums: