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My solar powered Logitech keyboard has been working without batteries for a couple of years now. I wish they made a solar powered mouse to go along with it but instead I have this super efficient Logitech mouse that only needs new batteries every couple of years.
From what I have been reading, flying off or crashing into the ground is a common problem with this quadcopter. While the video it produces is excellent, as are the rest of its features, the software is a buggy nightmare. If you are thinking of purchasing this drone, think instead of purchasing several of them since you are likely to lose or destroy them. On top of all this, everyone says that DJI has terrible support. Don't take my word for it. Just read the Amazon...
Psst: You can get CNBC for free and without a cable subscription with the Ameritrade Trader app on iOS. It even works with a cellular connection. Video quality is low but so its its bandwidth usage. I don't think you even need an Ameritrade account to use it.
Aww, thank you European Commission. Just for that, I am going to authorize your bailout of Greece.
A 200 MHZ upgrade at 2.8 GHZ is about 7%. What would the reaction be if the iPhone 6 is only 7% faster than the iPhone 5s?
Before you buy this, please check out the Parrot Bebop drone. Depending on the features you want, the Bebop may be the better drone. It is the one I am planning to get. For $1500, I would rather get a DJI Phantom 2 . Those things are awesome!
I bet the "clickless" trackpad still clicks when you press it by using haptics. You could choose either a tactile click, an audio click, both or neither. There have been other rumors that Apple is getting into haptics in a big way and integration into laptop trackpads makes perfect sense. However I still want a touch screen more than retina for cross platform app development.
Perhaps the iPhone 6 has 2 cores while the iPad Air 2 has 4. Apple has a lot of code that can use multiple cores and they can really help when multi-tasking. More cores make it easier to drive data to the iPad's larger display.
Hi troll.
If there was a slot into which you could  insert a new hardware module, you could upgrade it as frequently as you wanted in order to keep it compatible with the latest iOS versions from Apple. The back end would plug into power and the screen and would not need upgrading. The module would contain the latest Ax processor, RAM, flash storage, cellular technology, WiFi, GPS, motion sensing and so on.
New Posts  All Forums: