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If Apple manages to double the performance of the A8 processor over the A7 (as the A7 did compared to the A6 and the A6 to the A5) we will reach performance parity between smartphone and laptop processors for the first time. Intel must be sweating bullets by now. They are managing less than 5% performance increases each year in their processors (less than 3% in the case of the MacBook Air).
A single LED flash is likely I believe. I could not understand why Apple needed the dual LEDs. They do look cool but why not just shift the color of a single bright LED as needed like a Philips Hue rather than have two different LEDs? Alternately why not design dual LEDs as a single unit? In general you never want multiple light sources with different colors for photography because it can lead to color fringing of shadows when taking closeup pictures.
You are correct. That was my mistake. I had looked up the cost of getting Apple to repair a water damaged phone and it was a full price replacement so I got that mixed up. I could not find a link to the deal I got at Amazon but here is a slightly older one for $30 after a rebate:http://slickdeals.net/f/6748700-back-metropcs-alcatel-one-touch-fierce-4g-nokia-lumia-521-lg-optimus-l9-29-ar-fsMetroPCS claims that they are free now after all discounts but I sense a contract...
http://slickdeals.net/f/6748700-back-metropcs-alcatel-one-touch-fierce-4g-nokia-lumia-521-lg-optimus-l9-29-ar-fsĀ That one was for $30 after rebate so I guess I wasted $10. The one I got was from Amazon for $40 with no rebate. Yes you have to look for a deal but then why would you buy an Android phone that was not a deal?
Agreed! I can't understand the premiums Samsung is getting.
This is an Alcatel Onetouch Fierce 4G. It has a 5MP camera with a flash. I can't tell if it has autofocus or not but the image is in focus and looks OK to me. Not sure what the screen resolution is but my eyes are not good enough to see retina pixels anyway. Bigger is better for me. No comparing the camera quality to an iPhone's certainly but I come back to the 14x price difference. We are going to see a lot of decent $40 and under Android phones this year and I still...
Well if "one of these" is an easily verifiable iOS app developer with 30 years of working with Apple products then yes that is me. I am surrounded with stacks of iOS devices. The shelves behind me are a wall of Apple products that looks more like an Apple Store. None of this prevents me from having an objective opinion about the relative capabilities of a $40 Android phone compared to a $550 Apple phone. If price is not an issue that certainly the iPhone 5c is much better...
I am very much an Apple fan but I have to say that factoring in the price, the larger screen, the FM radio and the Google apps and features, the $40 Android smart phone I just purchased from Amazon is a better phone than the Apple 5c. For one thing, you could carry this Android phone around and never worry about it getting damaged, lost or stolen. Neither it or the iPhone 5c can resist water damage but at least with the Android phone I am only out $40 in the worst case....
I am not seeing anything like self driving cars, street level views of every road on Earth, high altitude balloon wireless internet covering the entire planet, human sized autonomous robots, contact lens cameras or singularity class AI projects out of Apple. I know that makes me sound like a Google fan but I am really an Apple fan and wish they would take on some really big projects.
This is one area where I really wish Apple was more like Google by taking more R&D risks and allowing themselves to fail more while looking for the next big success.
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