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We wish we could say more to Siri.
I get so many security warnings now, like when I restore one of my many iOS devices that causes a cascade of notifications on the other devices, that I pretty much have to ignore them all. That's the problem with security warnings. If you send too many, people are simply annoyed by them. If someone ever did try to hack an account, it would be lost among all the other BS notifications. When was the last time you actually paid attention to a car alarm?
@InteliusQ You owned cheese grater Mac Pro didn't you? As someone with hairy wrists that concept, as pretty as it is, terrifies me! Speaking of which, I am starting to get stage fright by proxy for Tuesday. With all the talk about Apple getting into fashion, I am getting flashbacks to that horrendous Samsung Unboxed event when they thought they could put on a 1950s style musical and get away with it. What experience does Apple really have with fashion, really? They have...
I don't even know.. WTF? Are you just trolling?
iOS itself has a major flaw that will prevent the iWatch from having long battery life: When the screen is off, apps are forced into background mode and are severely limited in what they can do. For example if you want to stream video from your iPhone to your AppleTV, the iPhone must remain fully on with the screen lit and the app in the foreground. If you click the screen lock button the video stops. You can't even play the audio portion of a conference video through your...
The Apple approach is a lot less efficient than what Google is working on. Apple takes the image from the camera and attempts to identify 2D image markers. I would guess that these are things like rectangular signs. iOS 8 already has the ability to recognize rectangles in images (if you know their proportions). The problem is that in many places there won't be any good markers to search the database for. Google uses 3D scanning. They generate a cloud of 3D points around...
NM. a more in-depth article on The Verge answered my question about the Find my iPhone hack. That was already patched and it is not related to this leak. Those celebs must have had very weak passwords indeed.
Looks like they targeted the platform with the worst graphics (perhaps an iPad 2?) They should have gone after the iPad Air and iPhone 5s knowing that they would sell this game for years rather than go after the biggest possible market when it launched.
Siri is listed as the voice technology in iOS 7 devices as if later devices could have some other voice based smart assistant technology. We know that Apple will have offline voice recognition at some point and this may be what they are hinting at with "We wish we could say more". There is a lot more they could do with voice control. Many features of iOS are buried several layers deep in the UI but could be accessed instantly via voice. If this then that type features are...
I prefer Google's solution to this problem: The car finds you.
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