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AppleInsider says $90. The original story on the NY Times blog say $99. Amazon says "Duh! What's a Nest Protect?" Frustrating.
Mapping has a lot more to do with data gathering, organization, storage and access (both on and offline) than it has to do with software features. The Mapping software is relatively easy to develop but if your data is not great to begin with, no amount of software design will help. For example, Flyover renders beautiful 3D maps. They are the best 3D city maps I have ever seen. However if you want directions to a particular store in an outdoor mall, Maps will leave you at...
It is always sad when old devices are no longer supported but for developers there is a silver lining: The iPhone 4 will always run iOS 7 for backwards compatibility testing. Apple has very few ways for developers to test their apps on older versions of iOS on physical devices. Good luck trying to buy an old device on eBay that runs a particular version of iOS you want to test. If we don't have a particular device/iOS version combo, we just hope for the best so it is great...
Prior art: This same technique has been used by JPL for the last couple of decades to create super resolution images from mars rovers. Doing the same thing with a smart phone or any other camera is an obvious extension of the original idea. "Super resolution" is even the same name JPL used. I have been looking for ways to use this trick long before this patent and I am less than ordinarily skilled in the art of digital photography.
I agree it is a big "if". I hold my breath every year when they announce the new processor in the latest iPhone. For the past several years (since the A4) they have amazed me by roughly doubling the performance of the CPU each year. Each year I think "no way they can do that again" and then they do. On top of that, they have done it without doubling the clock speed or the number of cores. Will they be able to do it again for the A8? I will keep my fingers crossed. The...
If Apple manages to double the performance of the A8 processor over the A7 (as the A7 did compared to the A6 and the A6 to the A5) we will reach performance parity between smartphone and laptop processors for the first time. Intel must be sweating bullets by now. They are managing less than 5% performance increases each year in their processors (less than 3% in the case of the MacBook Air).
A single LED flash is likely I believe. I could not understand why Apple needed the dual LEDs. They do look cool but why not just shift the color of a single bright LED as needed like a Philips Hue rather than have two different LEDs? Alternately why not design dual LEDs as a single unit? In general you never want multiple light sources with different colors for photography because it can lead to color fringing of shadows when taking closeup pictures.
You are correct. That was my mistake. I had looked up the cost of getting Apple to repair a water damaged phone and it was a full price replacement so I got that mixed up. I could not find a link to the deal I got at Amazon but here is a slightly older one for $30 after a rebate:http://slickdeals.net/f/6748700-back-metropcs-alcatel-one-touch-fierce-4g-nokia-lumia-521-lg-optimus-l9-29-ar-fsMetroPCS claims that they are free now after all discounts but I sense a contract...
http://slickdeals.net/f/6748700-back-metropcs-alcatel-one-touch-fierce-4g-nokia-lumia-521-lg-optimus-l9-29-ar-fsĀ That one was for $30 after rebate so I guess I wasted $10. The one I got was from Amazon for $40 with no rebate. Yes you have to look for a deal but then why would you buy an Android phone that was not a deal?
Agreed! I can't understand the premiums Samsung is getting.
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