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A big shrug about what the hacker did. I for one am proud to be an Apple developer. Go ahead and show my name any time you want. Apple forced us to use our e-mail address as our developer IDs some time ago so no big secrets were exposed there either. I was kind of hoping mine would show up in that video. I am not happy that we now know more about what is going on from this hacker's youtube video than from Apple itself. Apple should have come clean immediately when they...
It seems that Apple does not work on the weekends. That's too bad because app developers do work on the weekends and this weekend many of us are stuck on issues in iOS 7 that we cannot solve without access to the dev center.  
He is talking about XCode 5 beta not the one on the App Store.
My guess: They took it down to update to a new version of XCode 5 to support the latest iOS and Mavericks SDK but then found a significant bug in one of those and had to hold mid-process.
Apple needs to throw in something like free Apple Care on the phone if you buy it at an Apple Store. That would have a big impact on where customers choose to buy.
Hey Verizon, try offering unlimited data plans for a reasonable price like your competition and see what happens to your iPhone sales.
The judge found that Apple violated the fair price law by allowing publishers to set their own prices. Who is John Galt?
The best way for Apple's routing system to learn is to watch when users don't go the suggested route but still get to the destination in a reasonable amount of time. If many users skip one section of the suggested route and go another way, that means that the suggestion is bad and the routing system should use the preferred route for everyone. There is a section like this when I drive from San Jose to Sacramento. It takes you off the freeway and onto a local street with...
The rating at the end is a big dumb unless it is optional. A smart system should know how about the stops, traffic lights, slow traffic etc. and be able to use heuristics to determine how efficient the trip was. Just look at a lot of people going from and to similar places and see how they did going different routes at different times of the day. Over time that will build up the kind of data base that Waze has and won't require any user feed back. In fact I suspect that...
What I want are Apple Bluetooth ear buds that generate energy by using the temperature difference inside your ear and the air. If not that then wireless charging (just leave them on a small charging device when you are not using them). The cords on Apple's current ear pods snag on everything. The soft rubber texture of the cords make them feel great but also make them super snag magnets. I have already destroyed the first set by using them when I work outside. It is...
New Posts  All Forums: