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8 percent. Can you imagine what the reaction would have been if the A7 was only 8% faster than the A6 processor? Instead it was about twice as fast and is 64 bit. Mobile processors are about to crash into the performance curve of Intel's desktop processors over the next year or two. It should be fun to watch.
As silly as this lawsuit is, he does have a point: It would be nice to be able to install whatever version of iOS we want on our devices (as long as it is compatible). This is a major missing feature for app developers who currently have no way to test their apps on older versions of iOS once their devices have been upgraded. And no, most of us can't afford to own a version of every iOS device running every version of iOS.
AppleTV + Game Controller + App Store = something really cool
I agree with an earlier poster that Microsoft about to take the #3 spot is the most significant bit of news here. I am no fan of the company or their products but they have a definite advantage by linking their desktop OS to their mobile OS. They also have their own native software development tools. As a developer I am finding the platform hard to ignore.
Who are you going to listen to, Qualcomm who is competing with Apple's 64 bit CPUs with its 32 bit CPUs or me, an app developer who actually writes code for mobile apps? 64 bit is not just for addressing RAM over 4 GB. It is also for virtual address space which turns out to be essential when you have limited amounts of RAM and large data files stored on high speed flash memory. My apps address gigabytes of high resolution vector map data and can do so even on the original...
If I were developing apps for the Galaxy devices, I would want to enable that speed boost myself. I wonder what happens if it is enabled for all apps all the time? Obviously it saps your battery life but not when the app is idle right? What is the down side to having it on all the time? Does it melt the CPU or something?
A couple more: Videos have lost their titles in the iPad Videos app. The work around is to tag them as home video but that does not always work.   If you play a conference video (like the ones from WWDC) and turn off the screen, the video stops playing. In earlier versions of iOS you could then press the play button on your headset controls and keep playing the audio with the screen off. This stopped working in some version of iOS 6 and is still broken. You can tell this...
The solution is for Apple to fully indemnify 3rd party developers against all lawsuits against use of its SDK. That would mean that any lawsuit against a 3rd party developer by Lodsys is a lawsuit against Apple and no judge would be able to prevent Apple from defending itself. The indemnification should have been in the developer license agreement from day 1 and Apple has no excuse for it not being there now.
I don't know how much mystique there is in sitting all night next to a bunch of homeless people and being treated to bum fights. I think that a preorder list would have been better even if that meant fewer lines. People still queue up to pick up their phones. They just don't stay up all night camped on a dirty side walk.
Nice job AI having the article ready to fire when iOS 7 was released.
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