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Siri is listed as the voice technology in iOS 7 devices as if later devices could have some other voice based smart assistant technology. We know that Apple will have offline voice recognition at some point and this may be what they are hinting at with "We wish we could say more". There is a lot more they could do with voice control. Many features of iOS are buried several layers deep in the UI but could be accessed instantly via voice. If this then that type features are...
I prefer Google's solution to this problem: The car finds you.
I was very hesitant to pay $60 for the first version of Parallels 8 I purchased two years ago but now I don't blink at immediately pay $50 for every upgrade to this essential app. Parallels makes cross platform development possible and unlocks the true value of Macintosh computers by running both Mac and Windows apps on the same computer. Their support has been excellent as well. They took care of a crash I was experiencing in Visual Studio when running OpenGL apps in...
I am get the feeling that the specs on the two iPhones are going to be very different with the large one sporting twice the RAM and CPU cores as the smaller one.
I am still hoping to see more address space for app developers in A8 based iOS devices with 2GB of RAM. Currently we only get 31 bits of address space (2 GB) on 64 bit A7 devices due to a limitation of iOS. With more address space, apps can work with larger files more efficiently. Even though the RAM of the iPhone has increased from 128MB to 1GB, the address space has remained at 2GB since the original iPhone. If the address space remains at 2GB when the RAM increases to...
While they make a good point about Apple's refusal to include a touch screen on their laptops, all you really need to know about the Surface is that it runs a bloated slow buggy insecure operating system that dates back to the early 90's and looks like a toy.
My solar powered Logitech keyboard has been working without batteries for a couple of years now. I wish they made a solar powered mouse to go along with it but instead I have this super efficient Logitech mouse that only needs new batteries every couple of years.
From what I have been reading, flying off or crashing into the ground is a common problem with this quadcopter. While the video it produces is excellent, as are the rest of its features, the software is a buggy nightmare. If you are thinking of purchasing this drone, think instead of purchasing several of them since you are likely to lose or destroy them. On top of all this, everyone says that DJI has terrible support. Don't take my word for it. Just read the Amazon...
Psst: You can get CNBC for free and without a cable subscription with the Ameritrade Trader app on iOS. It even works with a cellular connection. Video quality is low but so its its bandwidth usage. I don't think you even need an Ameritrade account to use it.
Aww, thank you European Commission. Just for that, I am going to authorize your bailout of Greece.
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