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I really want to judge it for myself, but I'm still waiting for the developer center to load...   *twiddles thumbs*
I'll just leave this here until the dust settles...     Let me know when the trollage has abated..
*shrug* Probably not, but then it'd also be the fault of nothing other than the system itself.Fix the broken system and both issues go away.
No wonder I have zero faith in the stock market, bunch of damned parasitic so-and-sos. To echo the herd, I'm really hoping they drive the stock price down far enough that Tim can take the company private again...
Cheaper product outsells more expensive product shocker! ;)  
Waiting in line? Na, a nice chap in a UPS truck will drop it off to me Friday morning
Microsoft Windows Minecraft Edition?
I could imagine more research into screen clarity in bright sunlight (It has gotten better, but there is still much room for improvement), on top of power consumption and the never ending quest to make it thinner.   I doubt there is much point in trying to increase resolution beyond what it is now.
I dunno, as long as it's the middle one, it still fits..
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