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Ugh, really?   1 - This isn't a democracy - this is a privately owned internet discussion forum, their site, their rules, their judgement. You agree to this when you sign up.   2 - This is an Apple-centric discussion site. Not Android. No, really. Not Android. We know this. Your hint is in the domain name.   3 - By and large, we simply don't care about whatever the new Android phone megawidget is or does. You paid your money, you made your choice. So did we....
Hmm, LG look distinctly vulnerable.. 3rd spot up for grabs some time in 2011?
Ditto - tabs are squished over one side and I have what looks like a doubled duplicate nav-bar on the other..
Interesting - mine drops like a stone if I hold it naturally in my left hand. Not that it bothers me much, it doesn't take much to just alter my grip slightly The only annoyance would be if it still exhibited the issue whilst placed in my pocket, as missing calls from that would certainly be a major issue - I've not noticed anything yet though.
Also 88022 here - UK iPhone 4 purchased from the online Apple store Could anyone with an iPhone which *doesn't* exhibit the issue confirm if the first five digits of their serial number matches or not?
I hate to tell you this, but "they" can already track you via your mobile phone already
FLV supports H.264
Bringing in Orange/T-Mobile and later Vodafone in the UK market is likely to significantly boost UK sales - O2's business contracts have been a royal pain in the bum to deal with, as soon as Orange/Vodafone start their business tarriffs I can see the telecoms managers more likely to start bringing in the iPhone to the corporate world. Hopefully the move will force O2 to come up with slightly more reasonable tarriffs too, especially the idiotic tethering pricing!
Mac Pros - they're pretty much all G5 Power Macs, apart from a handful of G5 iMacs which are used for image review/catalog. The freedom to upgrade came because our publishing database/cms software has finally been upgraded from a classic app to a web-based solution, which also allows them to finally upgrade from Panther.. It also allows them to normalise the software on each machine to the same level as there was a complete mixture of different versions of quark,...
Not because it's $29, but because they are getting into the point at which they can replace the machines for tax purposes, and most are no longer covered by their warranties. The company I work for has a publishing arm, and they're about to replace all of their Apple hardware because the G5's are all out of warranty, have zero book value to the business, and they can get tax breaks by buying this year. When they do purchase, all the machines will likely be running...
New Posts  All Forums: