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I PRAY that Apple will make the next gen iPad and iPhone compatible with the Apple Pencil. I was a long time palm user and appreciate pen input. Hope Apple also provides handwriting input.
OK Apple. THANK YOU for finally not forcing us draw with our fingers any more. PLEASE incorporate the Apple Pencil into the next gen of the ENTIRE line of iPhone and iPad.
Please lord bring a stylus to the iPad. Painting and taking notes with my finger sucks! I have been waiting years for this
So how does this impact existing Apple stock holders?
A friend of mine just got the Galaxy Note 2 and I have to say - I just love the size format! All of a sudden, my iPhone 5 seems like some kind of MICRO phone. I use my iPhone 5 nearly non stop but mostly for data and the extra size would be so much nicer! The Galaxy Note 2 not too big (bigger is better right?) but the most important thing is that it still -fits in my pocket- just fine and *THAT* is the important thing. The iPad Mini is just not pocketable. The down side...
What about Thunderbolt? I hope the new iPhone at least support USB 3.0.
A Thunderbolt connector would be amazing.
"Power nap" sound great but unfortunately with 10.8 my 2008 Mac Pro (and apparently others too) has had constant issues with "Wake from Sleep."  No fun.   Apples needs to do lots of bug squashing.
Google Street View !
Total Garbage.   I can already Skype video chats, use Slingbox to stream Video.   AT&T is already getting paid for my use of their bandwidth.   This is how greed kills innovation.
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