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Still using my iPad2, mostly for streaming netflix/web browsing. It is still fine for those things. Why upgrade?
I used WaterField's PSP case for years. They make nice stuff.
I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that thing is fugly!
I have been using the new maps app since I got my iphone 5 (my first iphone). I haven't had any issues with it. We use it for turn by turn directions all the time. I think this whole thing is way overblown.
That is strange. Dedham MA and Framingham MA both have apple stores and they can't have near the population density as Brooklyn.
I switched to iBank too. After some getting used to it, I like it better as well. They have great customer support and are actively developing and enhancing their app.
The Tech Spec's page hasn't been updated but the main paige has been. i5/i7 processors, Thunderbolt, backlight keyboard. All of the stuff that's been rumored. Not sure about the internal storage options.
The store is still down but the Macbook Air page on the main site has the new airs: http://www.apple.com/macbookair/
Just checked the web site, you can spend it on Mac Apps, iOS Apps, iTunes or iBooks. So, I am sure I could find $100 worth of stuff in there that I would like. Not so bad I guess, just not as cool as a free touch. Given that they seem to be selling tons of macs, I guess they don't really have to do any kind of promo. I still would have loved that free touch though.
I missed the free touch promo last year when I bought my Macbook Pro by a few weeks. (first mac I have ever owned). I have been wanting to buy my wife a macbook air, but was waiting hoping to get a touch this year. I won't wait - she needs a new computer and I want to be free of windows, so I am going to get her one, but I am not really excited to get $100 free on the app store. I haven't spent $10 on the app store with the mac I have now. Does anyone know if...
New Posts  All Forums: