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Still didn't work - I get the "roar" of the disk drive start-up, then nothing. Eject button glows briefly, but no action. Thanks, anyway.
Thanks, I'll try that, too!
DVD disk in drive won't eject, won't mount (Disk Utility identifies, but grayed out). Tried re-start, shut down, still "stuck" - Please advise!
My iPhone only rings twice before going to voicemail. How do I delay that connection?
Just to add my comment - I have found that Google Calendar serves much better for "reading" on MacBook Pro, with an app on iPhone and iPad. They automatically sync with each other, I only have to click on the app icon and there it is!
When I try to install Snow Leopard on my Hard Drive, error report shows Time Machine prevents it. Same with Time Machine "off." Suggestions, please?
New Posts  All Forums: