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AT&T wouldn't be REQUIRING developers to do this, they would let them have the option to add this feature. Imagine Netflix offering an in-app purchase allowing you to stream unlimited movies without going against your data allotment for a few dollars a month. I can also see Verizon getting in on this as well. To be able to implement this AT&T would have to be working with Apple to implement the system. I can imagine Verizon jumping on the bandwagon if it is successful.
My computer had been running very slowly recently so I decided to do a reformat and reinstall of Leopard. Most everything works great now except that the Internet has slowed to almost nothing. I have tried to connect via Ethernet (my preferred way) and via Airport to a Vonage Linksys router. My computer is a 20” iMac Core 2 Duo 2.16 and I am running the current system software. It doesn’t matter what browser I am using either, neither Firefox or Safari will work. I have...
Thanks for the reply. I will try that when I get home from work. Thanks, Macaddict16
So the button that says "get mail" in Mac OS X Tiger Mail has gone missing from my user account. I regularly use that button and lately it has gone missing. I don't know what has happened. My wife has her own login and her's has it, but mine does not. Anyone ever had this happen before? I have made such a habit of pressing this button that now I keep hitting the "new mail" button instead. Thanks for your help, macaddict16
I would buy one in a second. I would have the option to use my computer, or if I wanted to I could plug in my iPod. I would use the iPod as an alarm clock. Macaddict16
I thought iTunes already did that for the Shuffle. It has been about a year since I used a shuffle, but I thought that was already an option. Maybe they removed the feature? Maybe I am just smoking something I shouldn't be. Macaddict16
The MacBooks and MacBook Pros have both just recently been updated. Now is the perfect time to buy. They probably will not be updated for at least 4-6 months. Macaddict16
HDMI is backwards compatible with DVI. You can buy an adapter to convert the cable. The only difference is that HDMI can also carry audio as well as the video. From what I have seen using HDMI/DVI cables is that true HD sources and very high quality video sources look great using these connections, but lower quality sources actually look worse than when using component cables. When I had HD cable I first had it hooked up with HDMI and the HD was spectacular, but all of...
At least I am not the only one who had no idea this feature existed. Macaddict16
Don't mind me I am just a retard. I just went to the print menufor the first time and found everything I was looking for. Macaddict16
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