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Just updated, and it does feel quicker.
I just had a thought. This could be a show, you know if you try this with Apple they will go the total distance.  On the other hand as mentioned above we are talking about a bunch of regular folks, this could backfire.   I really hope this is the end of patent wars, I'd love to see incredible innovation that push forward not aside.   flick.
Just thinking about the serial number on the phone in the video, couldn't they trace that back to the day it was built and potentially the people who had access to it? If I was sneaking video I would have covered it up, maybe giving weight to the controlled leak theory.   flick.
Well it looks like my MacPro is too old so I'll have to wait for Apple to upgrade my hardware before we upgrade the software. When will Apple get around to upgrading my Mac?   flick.
I've purchased the wrong cables, again. I live on an island and am not able to easily get to a store that would help me. What I have is a dongle that gets me from the mini dvi to a female Dvi-I? (its the one with out the four small pins around the flat middle pin), does any one have a link to an online store to a part that will get me from this point to plug in to the above mention composite on the back of my old TV (no HDMI)... please help! flick.
How on earth do you add the folder "today" to your side bar? I use this many times a day when mailing files to clients. thanks! flick fin.
I have a feeling we'll see ping integration with Facebook. Also they're sending me a mac book air and just want to let the world know. flick.
I'm pretty interested in this as well. Looking to get a 3G iPad for travel and would love to use skype on it. flick.
I'm looking forward to this integration. Alerting me to music my friends are listening to will help in the never ending hunt for new tunes. I would like to see bands recommend music they listen to as well. flick.
Well it has been a while, and I wonder if anyone really remembers me here. I just thought I'd update my Mac community. I'm proud to announce the launch of feedlot studios. My Wife Mariko is an incredible ceramic artist who is now able to teach out of our studio. We now have a gallery for her work. As always I'm doing graphic design too. Anyway I'd love to hear comments on what we've created and encourage anyone to pop by and visit this wonderful place. Come on...
New Posts  All Forums: