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What is the best book on learning objective c and opengl es for iphone development?
I'm trying to use the accelerometer to make a UIImage move. Can somebody help me?
how do you turn invisible while using Gchat on ichat 5.0?
i just installed snow leopard on my macbook pro and now whenever i get new mail it all loads in the trash can.
i got 12 gigs free from SL
is it possible to use the disc copy of leopard that comes with a new mac and install it on a different mac?
i called apple a minute ago asking where my snow leopard is because i had ordered it before the deadline on wednesday. the guy told me so many people ordered it that mine didn't process until after the deadline.
mine still says not yet shipped...its 7:00 AM on the 28th.
i ordered snow leopard from apple on wednesday a little before noon and i read somewhere on apple that if you order it by wednesday then you will get it on friday, but on my order status it says "ships by the 28" instead of saying it delivers the 28. will i get it on friday or will i have to wait until next week?
New Posts  All Forums: