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  I'd rather just have a native TB interface to the RAID myself. :)
  Not exactly true, guess it depends on what you mean by "recently". Sonnet has had their Thunderbolt to Expresscard 3/4 adapter out since earlier this year. For about $260, you could get FW out of a TB connection with the adapter, the FW Expresscard 3/4 itself, and a couple cables. I actually had this setup until I saw Apple's announcement. It worked ok, but my main motivation was to tether up a medium format digital back to my Macbook Air. It worked some of the time,...
For those crowing about the Mac Pro mini-"upgrade", how can you possibly be surprised by this? Apple has for years cultivated a closed marketplace platform called the "App Store". They even have it available for, get this, OS X now. And... check this out... every product that's gotten refreshed this year? Doesn't even come with a DVD drive. Mmm hmm... now you see where things are headed?   Be glad there was ANY sort of refresh on the MP... it's most likely the...
The Short Hills Mall Apple Store, on a Sunday, 45 minutes before closing, looks exactly like this - 300+ crazed, spoiled, over-privileged white criminal a**holes (sorry George Carlin, but that line speaks the truth!) packed like sardines into a typical "mall sized" Apple Store. There's barely any room left for the workers, I actually do feel bad for them!
This was a failed policy in 2004, and it would be another colossal failure today: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...022129888.html
I'd like to see some investigation into the charging time of the iPad 3. Apple significantly increased the capacity of the battery, but they packed in the same ol' 10w charger from the previous two generations. My unscientific test is showing it taking approximately 7 full hours to charge from 1% (the point at which the iPad automatically shuts itself down) to 100%.
You'd need to remove the whole post to accomplish that!
It's even worse than that - a company backed by the Chinese government (which is essentially the same thing as just saying "the Chinese government") bought Cirrus, a U.S. manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. Guess who the USAF Academy uses to build its trainer aircraft? Yup, Cirrus! Or, wait, no, now it's just China!
Or people are cancelling their orders. Can't draw conclusions from shipping times!
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