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There was a correction made once our international readers weighed in. But stateside, this store is believed to be one-of-a-kind. Thanks for all the feedback guys. We appreciate it. 
Please read the article, that's why we author them :)
Yea, but not only is that deal over, but if check out what we actually wrote in the article, you'd see why this deal will offer a significantly lower net price than BB for the vast majority of shoppers. 
Please read the forum guidelines before posting. The world's greatest photographers predominately use Macs and Apple products. While you may not be interested in this subject, please respect the fact that we have many readers with a diverse range of interests and digital photography is a tremendous part of the Apple ecosystem. Canon makes some of the best cameras on the market.
 We're working on this. If we had it our way, this would have been addressed over a year ago. Sometimes, you're at the mercy of your partners and their willingness to cooperate in a timely manner. 
Could not have explained the position we are in any better than you just did. Thank you. K
This update was just a quick/emergency fix for a single issue. We hear you loud and clear. Appreciate the feedback and please stay tuned.
I agree that an App for AppleInsider is a largely unnecessary burden. But we are doing our best to cater to everyones needs and that's why we recently revamped our mobile website for iPhone for those readers who prefer to forgo the app. We are trying to provide as many alternatives as possible and never have we taken anything away from readers that they once had. We've only built on our offerings. I value all of your feedback and it will be taken into consideration going...
I authored my response proportionally to some of the naive -- and frankly rude -- comments made here. Lets agree to disagree. There are certain readers or "customers" who we can choose not to cater to in the same fashion that Apple doesn't cater to the junk phone market. If there are a handful of customers who come here to unjustly influence other readers by spewing unsubstantiated trash talk for which they have no grounds to speak on, then those are precisely the...
 It's a fair point. Naturally, we will support all devices as soon as we possibly can. But there's a disproportionate amount of lemon juice being tossed around in these threads. It's borderline unfair to the various individuals who commit their time to delivering these apps. Going forward, we'll be more diligent in conveying our future plans to our readers when we feel it is appropriate to do so. We just wish individuals had a little more respect for all the facets of the...
New Posts  All Forums: