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Guys, FWIW, this is what Collins sent me in response to my question about what kind of panels they use... Not much to go on: "Hi Kasper, We're using the first panels from a tier one supplier based on the latest MVA technology. We have found little performance difference between IPS, PVA, and MVA panels in the newest, best offerings. 3-years ago, yes, IPS smoked the others. But, times change, and our panels match up well to the best from anyone. Thanks for the...
You're right. That report we had linked to from DigiTimes dated July 2008 was incorrect according to a later teardown:http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...in_detail.html Article update. K
Yeah, I fail to see what is wrong with this terminology used widely through the semiconductor and investment communities. We've used this terminology dozens of times and I've never had a complaint. K
I'll double check on this shortly. K
I thought this immediately, but figured I'd leave the speculation to you guys. Kasper
Can you post a link reference for this so we can include it in the story?
Bleh, I think you're all taking the original title way to literally. It's not feasible for the phone to actually call the cops directly when it thinks its stolen, but the end result for an iPhone that was indeed stolen would be the same if this patent became a reality. I changed the title to be more explicit. Sorry for the confusion. K
No. You're being an ass. It clearly states that a message would be sent to a security agency, which would then have an officer dispatched to the location. The same way home security would work. Thanks, K
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