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This whole matter is very much an open debate, regarding whether Apple really needs to take the subscription accounting route. But no, Mac revenues are not amortized and are recorded in full when they ship. K
He actually makes an intriguing observation and your response really does it no justice. Yes, there are dozens of farting apps, but some developers are turning out quality products.
Well, the news is in the following paragraph that he may be offered a seat on the Apple board as an indirect result of the persistent overtures...
They said it will play music through the car stereo but did not explain by which method. K
We have no interest in holding a grudge. That's Apple's MO. But that's also why you'll see Palm Pre ads flanking our articles and not iPhone ads -- Apple refuses to allow us to promote their products through advertisements and has at times intimidated third parties into not placing their ads on AppleInsider as well. While this is an incredible disservice to Apple shareholders, it is what it is. K
I can attest that this is true. K
Yo are fast, my man K
There's a lot of people here that wouldn't agree with you =P
Your current iPhone continues to function until your new ones is activated. You just have to carry both around in the interim incase the switch happens when your out, because your current phone will lose service as soon as your new one picks up service. K
Haha. This one made me laugh.
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