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It was submitted this way. We didn't produce the video. Sorry It's better than heavy breathing, though, right? =P
Apple is proposing the use of Spotlight for this (as a quick application launcher)... But I agree, there needs to be a better way to access the home screens and re-arrange the icons on the home screens. I wouldn't be surprised to see this turn up later in the beta process.Best,Kasper
Guys, the kit is compatible with the 2.53GHz model according to Apple Store reps. Please see the update to the article. (May take a few minutes to sync to all our servers). K
I fixed the spelling errors -- yes there is a bug in Leopard where spell check now randomly stops working in TextEdit. It was corrected in a separate app but I guess the wrong version got pasted into the publisher
It's not feasible to use both names all the time, especially in titles.
That's what the description appears to imply, but it may be poor wording. Read the description in the screenshot. That's where we based that assumption. K
They all have code-names, they just aren't widely reported anymore. K
We'll have a full review soon. The clip is fairly stiff. Nicer than the last clip. K
Yeah, I know. Next time. The photos were taken outside tho. That's problem No. 1. Lightbox time. K
Listen, when you see this thing in person, you'll understand. It's tiny. Most of that dust isn't recognizable to the human eye. We're using a high-res camera with a macro lens. However, I agree. The shots could be better and we're working on improving our photo-shoots for the next piece of Apple pr0n. Thanks, K
New Posts  All Forums: