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Your current iPhone continues to function until your new ones is activated. You just have to carry both around in the interim incase the switch happens when your out, because your current phone will lose service as soon as your new one picks up service. K
Haha. This one made me laugh.
We'll know June 19th once its torn down.
Guys, Apple just posted the terms of the deal (they werent available before). The Mac Pro does qualify as do several other iPod models. K
It's more than that. The graphics subsystem is different. The displays are of inferior quality. Rumor doesn't make sense but stranger things have happened... K
Well, ya didn't, and someone else did Best, K
He needs a demolition permit which the town is supposedly drawing up now.
Thanks K
Didn't realize this was frustrating so many people. We'll link in the patents going forward. Sorry, K
They mentioned in the list of applicable devices a "Pocket-sized personal computers such as an iPAQ.RTM. Pocket PC available by Hewlett Packard Inc. , of Palo Alto, Calif. and any other device capable of communicating wirelessly (with or without the aid of a wireless enabling accessory system). " The patent would apply to any kind of portable computing device. K
New Posts  All Forums: