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Thanks! K
Yeah, but the article on this latest hire indicates he's going to work in one of Apple's education departments, which is odd. K
This is what I suspect as well.
Please don't misinterpret my article. Apple isn't going to make cheap PCs. That's not what this is about. It's about marginal yet noticeably more affordable Macs on par with the company's current standards. It could be as simple as taking the current models and lopping $100 - $150 off in a few months. I was very conscience of using the term "more affordable" rather than "cheap." I did this for a reason.K
Oh yeah -- I'm aware of that. I thought you meant there was an article somewhere identifying an individual who was actually hired. Best, K
? You have a reference? Best, K
Yeah, but the Calif. statute of limitations for this violation has since passed. K
Yeah, I still don't know what Jobs was thinking. I'm not sure anyone believed him when he said this to begin with =P K
Yeah. Sorry. K
Give him a break, he just joined the forums =P K
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