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Yep. Love it when auto-spellcheck just stops working on its own in TextEdit.Sorry bout that. There were quite a few errors K
The only issue I see is lead time for registrations at this point would be fairly short. The argument against this is that it sold out so fast last year that Apple may not be concerned about that. Then there's the matter of etiquette and consideration on Apple's part; i.e. they shouldn't spring this on their developer community without giving them a reasonable amount of time to plan their trip. Devs come from all over the word and some have unrelated jobs. 3 months is...
I agree with most of what you said. Yes, it's our collective view that it will take more than what the Kindle 2 offers for the device to really take off, as was similarly the case with the iPod when you think about it. It took some refinement and some market traction. I also love the Apple TV. At first it was pointless and sat collecting dust, given that it was hooked up to an HDTV with no HD content. But as more and more HD content arrives, I'm using it more and more....
There are many criticisms, but I don't agree that it's a flat-out negative review. And I read it several times while proofing it. Prince gave the first incarnation of the Apple TV the same exact rating. K
I think Prince is suggesting it will take a little more from Amazon for the product to break out. And the sluggishness of the eInk display impedes the Kindle's ability to serve as a feasible web reader, etc. So right now he believes it will garner most attention from die-hard readers in the same way the Apple TV caters to videophiles but not the broader market.
See updates to the article: This means you'll be able to access your Time Capsule's hard drive over the internet. K
Guys, we just added information about Time Capsule sharing for Mobile Me users: From Apple but not in the Press Release: "Access your drive over the Internet. Say you're traveling and you need a file on your Time Capsule back at home. If you're a MobileMe member using a Mac with Mac OS X Leopard, no problem .* You can now access all the files on your Time Capsule drive over the Internet. Simply register your Time Capsule with your MobileMe account, and its drive...
They also released a Battery update for MacBooks -- both updates are already on our blogs, but we'll post them in a roundup shortly, as well.
8 results for the 3.06GHz iMac come up, each of which is sold through Techno Intelligence. What are you seeing? Please provide a link. K
Seriously? CBS is an American television network. Yes, there are some instances of satellite broadcasts internationally and an outreach to the Philippines but there is nothing rude or incorrect about the way we presented the story.
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