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They all have code-names, they just aren't widely reported anymore. K
We'll have a full review soon. The clip is fairly stiff. Nicer than the last clip. K
Yeah, I know. Next time. The photos were taken outside tho. That's problem No. 1. Lightbox time. K
Listen, when you see this thing in person, you'll understand. It's tiny. Most of that dust isn't recognizable to the human eye. We're using a high-res camera with a macro lens. However, I agree. The shots could be better and we're working on improving our photo-shoots for the next piece of Apple pr0n. Thanks, K
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LoL. I'll add a note about this in the article. The best part is the discounts on the previous gen models. You can get a 2.4GHz 20-inch iMac (w/o MiniDisplay Port) for just $100 more than the high-end mini ($899 before tax/shipping).
It would be a safe bet to assume late 2010. K
It's ok. If you're having a bad day, you can tell us all about it. We'll listen...I can't promise that we can help you, but we'll pretend to listen. K
About $209 off, not much http://www.appleinsider.com/mac_price_guide/
I think you need to keep this in context with what you'd generally expect from Apple. My understanding is that Apple retail stores are offering significant discounts compared to their usual prices, but resellers are going quite a bit further and steeper. That said, some people feel an extra sense of security when buying directly from Apple for whatever reason, and that's why we noted it.K
New Posts  All Forums: