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That's what the description appears to imply, but it may be poor wording. Read the description in the screenshot. That's where we based that assumption. K
They all have code-names, they just aren't widely reported anymore. K
We'll have a full review soon. The clip is fairly stiff. Nicer than the last clip. K
Yeah, I know. Next time. The photos were taken outside tho. That's problem No. 1. Lightbox time. K
Listen, when you see this thing in person, you'll understand. It's tiny. Most of that dust isn't recognizable to the human eye. We're using a high-res camera with a macro lens. However, I agree. The shots could be better and we're working on improving our photo-shoots for the next piece of Apple pr0n. Thanks, K
TestTestTestTestTestTestTestTestTestTestTestTestTe st
LoL. I'll add a note about this in the article. The best part is the discounts on the previous gen models. You can get a 2.4GHz 20-inch iMac (w/o MiniDisplay Port) for just $100 more than the high-end mini ($899 before tax/shipping).
It would be a safe bet to assume late 2010. K
It's ok. If you're having a bad day, you can tell us all about it. We'll listen...I can't promise that we can help you, but we'll pretend to listen. K
About $209 off, not much http://www.appleinsider.com/mac_price_guide/
New Posts  All Forums: