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 You shouldn't get so bent out of shape, man. Everything's gonna be alright ;)
For everyone experiencing issues with achieving the $2199 price, it appears to be an issue with some peoples' local network setup or ISP that we cannot narrow down quite yet. One person was able to achieve the price by trying on a different machine connected to a VPN, while another said they were able to see the price at their friends house and not their own.    However, we assure you that everyone will get this price in time for Black Friday from B&H. If you are still...
Guys, are you trying to pair this with cash back sites or similar offers? That will break it too.
What browser are you guys using? Try via safari on the Mac. Clear your cache and restart. We aren't having any issues. If you continue to have issues, please mail us at priceguides@gmail.com and we'll do our best to get you sorted out. 
It's not a refurb. If we ever promote refurbs, it's clearly marked. And the same goes for Apple Authorized Resellers marketing products online. If it's not a brand, new, sealed product, its CLEARLY marked. None of the Apple products we are promoting this holiday from B&H (or the others) are refurbs.
 Yep -- mislabeled row. Theres no such config for a 27". All fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!
 In a perfect world, sure. But this application was already on its way to the App Store submission process when the 6 was being introduced. The process of releasing an app is not instantaneous and this application has been in development for many, many months. It would not have been appropriate to develop an app based on rumor. Personally, I think it looks great on my iPhone 6. K
It will automatically sync within a few minutes over iCloud. You must be logged into the same iCloud account on both devices. Restarting the app may help speed it up, but the slight delay is one-time only and not in our control. K
If this is the case, you didn't print the PDF to 100% scale. It sounds like it printed at a smaller scale cause your printer software shrunk it. You must make sure you print it at 100% scale, no reductions. There should be an option for this on your print dialog. See below: 
New Posts  All Forums: