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Because we take pride in abiding by a code of ethics. Our editors wanted to bring this review to AppleInsider readers. We asked for B&H's help -- not the other way around -- in securing one in a timely fashion after the original manufacturer was not responsive to routine requests. It was nice of them to help, so we thanked them. They also are one of only a handful of stores, including Apple's, that currently stock the device. For most US readers, they also currently have...
  Because you're clicking the links in the forums. These are very protected links, so they only work from our article pages and price guide pages. I will try and get this fixed going forward for the mirror of the article on forums.appleinsider.com but right now they only work off of pages under www.appleinsider.com. Restart your browser/clear any B&H cookies and try clicking from the article   K
Yeah -- Look at the iPod touch (current gen) Scroll to bottom of page:   http://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/specs.html
  Listen, the datasource we were using had the old price for 3 models. it was a mistake and we corrected it as soon as we saw your comment. We try our best and appreciate your feedback. I think we knocked all the kinks out of it for now.   K
  Fixed, thanks for pointing that out,   K
They aren't fake savings. The original MSRP of that model was $2999. Apple dropped the price in February of all MacBook Pros. Some retailers kept the original MSRP so our system pulled in the original MSRP from them. They've since sold out but it didn't update. We've now pushed the update. Thanks.
It's very clear MacMall is a sponsor of AppleInsider. So is B&H. They help Apple and we help them. The article clearly states we've teamed up with them. We've also mentioned their sponsorship countless times in the past. So while you're free to express your opinions here, indicating that we're doing something deceitful by reporting great deals once in a while from some of Apple's largest resellers, who are well disclosed affiliates, is not so cool.
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