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Click on a MacBook Pros or MacBook Air price under MacMall column in our price guides (or this article text) and the "Enter Promo Code:" field will appear beneath the blue "Buy Now/Customize" button on the right side: Paste in APPINSDRMWB38717 and then click "Apply":    
Yup, $200 price drop. Original was $1,999.
AppleInsider is looking for talented web developers and editors. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the AppleInsider team, fill out our Developer Application or Editor Application and keep an eye on your inbox.    We're specifically looking for programmers proficient in PHP and MYSQL as well as editors located in the Far East -- an ideal position for those located in China.
Listen guys, We we receive no compensation for running these stories and I only run them when I think they deliver value to readers. There are deals every day but this week I felt their were exceptional deals so I shared them with a potentially interested public. K
Spam, neither I nor AppleInsider received any form of compensation for this article. MacMall is one of the largest Apple resellers and clearly a long-standing sponsor of AppleInsider who offers AppleInsider readers great prices on products on a regular basis. They offer a greater value proposition than Apple on most Macs and they are growing their Mac retail business at a time when others are struggling to compete with Apple. I found it relevant and encouraging and...
Google launched its cloud-based music service, Google Music, focusing on leveraging a large Android user base and social networking to distribute 13 million tracks from over 1000 record labels including EMI, Universal and Sony. Google on Wednesday announced its rumored music service is live, extending the company's Music Beta program to everyone in the US and adding an online store that will tightly integrate with social networking hub Google+ and the Android...
The reader meant to type iDisk and corrected himself in a followup email, but we forgot to make the edit to original quote. It has been fixed. Our apologies.K
This is exactly what happened. Apple is having Ripple and its attorneys perform its dirty work under threat that Ripple will otherwise lose Apple as a client. The software is to be released publicly within 10 days...Kasper
They require 1 month activation. MacMall doesn't.
It's actually not the highest target. I checked. Some firm has $550.
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