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This is exactly what happened. Apple is having Ripple and its attorneys perform its dirty work under threat that Ripple will otherwise lose Apple as a client. The software is to be released publicly within 10 days...Kasper
They require 1 month activation. MacMall doesn't.
It's actually not the highest target. I checked. Some firm has $550.
The original FT article had little meat.
Im going to double check on this, as it was what I was specifically told this morning. Before you call sloppy reporting on our part, understand that spokespeople can make a mistake in conveying the information to us just as easily as we can make a mistake reporting it. Thanks, Kasper
No they don't. It's widely known that the $199 and $299 standard prices for iPhones are the subsidized prices that require 2-year contracts. This has been standard for almost 3 years now. Please don't come on here and troll and insinuate that we're misleading anyone by reporting a sale.K
This deal was for an extremely limited quantity that was sponsored by eBay. It has since ended and those few that were sold don't deliver till the middle of December. But I will look into these deals in the future and make sure we include them. I wasn't aware of the promotion this time around.Thanks,Kasper
This is not true. Yes, it appears the discount disappears but once you get to the final check out page, its reapplied. Try it. Kasper
Lots of complaining today, Spam. Tired? The patent is relevant and interesting. K
It says Larry Ellison...
New Posts  All Forums: