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The 3% discount are reflected as "Instant Discount(s)" during checkout, after the items have been added to your shopping cart. Discount will not show up before items are added to your shopping cart. Sorry-- shoulda made that clear
Good to see you back, btw K
It's just a guess by some people we asked. K
this is true.
You guys are reading too much into the rendition. It's just to show a size comparison to the iPhone. The aspect ratio should mirror that of the iPhone. K
FWIW, it's just a rendition of what the device likely looks like based on verbal descriptions. We used the iPhone materials as a basis for the rendition but I have no idea if it has chrome on it or not. K
1.754M portables -- making the correction.
LoL.... not to make light of a horrible situation.
This issue happened to one of our devices. We did not cover the original story until we saw it with our own eyes. The unit has been returned to Apple. Kasper
You are indeed 'something else,' teckstud.
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