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Lots of complaining today, Spam. Tired? The patent is relevant and interesting. K
It says Larry Ellison...
Yeah, we fixed that.
I'm told its buggy and doesnt show up all the time.
They didn't pay us anything. They're offering the lowest prices we've seen since last BlackFriday, including the last Black Friday, so we're reporting it. They're good deals. K
Pretty safe to say no -- I believe the prices you see for the sale in our charts are already below cost, which means MacConnection is likely taking a loss on the cost of each Mac in an effort boost attach rates alongside each purchase.
Neither. It's all visual as far as we can tell.
Thanks for saving me the time. K
No more floating headers and footers, and no more ajax. Please let me know what you guys think and if you have any feedback or suggestions. Just go to www.appleinsider.com on your iPhones and iPod touches to see the new site. Thanks, K
Clearly a production, quality problem that manifested itself last minute.
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