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Just for fun, here's another one we received. Anonymous source: " I have some late news of interest to the Mac community- Expect a couple of surprises during the Philnote. Phil will introduce the new iMac model, which will be behind a curtain sitting on a desk. The curtain is to be lit so that a silhouette is produced by a person at the desk using the computer, and the curtain is to change colors ala the iPod design motif in simulation of the chameleon...
Yup. See our article this morning. It wont show up until October in stores, but I'm sure we'll obtain a copy prior. Best, Kasper
Folks, we are dissolving the News Comments forum. All new articles are being filed in their respective forums (Future Hardware, Software, Etc). All threads in this forum will be filed soon. Please check the main page for updates, or view the other forums. Kasper
Because they've been automatically filed in their respective forums! We are dissolving News Comments forum. It's Amorph's duty, but he is MIA so far today. Hang in their, Kasper
Here's another one for you guys to dissect. We're receiving tons of crazy submissions. I think this one was sent to us from the guys at iPod France. The mounting hardware does not look like Apple booth material, but whatever; I'm sure you'll have fun with it. This is what the submission read: "Here's what I saw behind the black curtains... It was still in black shrink-wrap in the upper left. It is about 10 cm deep in an aluminum enclosure."
Is this a specific ad thats doing this? Sometimes our 3rd party Ad affiliates screw up when they enter items into the rotation, but this sounds different. Can someone give me a better description of what is happening so that I can get this fixed or yell at the responsible parties? Best, Kasper
I think I found the problem that would cause each user's last visit to be rest when AppleInsider posts. Silly coding error on my part, can some of you confirm that it is fixed? I posted 2 test mesages from AI around 3:20 PM EST on August 29th. Check your last visits. Best, Kasper
I've spent a good amount of time this weekend fixing up the forums, the missing icons, etc. Please let me know which icons/graphics are still missing and any that may have been replaced incorrectly. We will also soon be dissolving the News Comments reports into their respective forums. Please let me know which other features you guys are looking for. Also, do you really want to have the boards updated to version 3.0? There are negatives and positives to this, so what do...
Hey guys. Nice work! You made the news, though, unfortunately, CNet and ZDnet credited another site for the pictures that originated in these forums.http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1103-5327370.html Best Kasper
FWIW: I received a tip from an anonymous source this afternoon stating that the WSJ report is inaccurate as far as the additional HW features are concerned. Kasper
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