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I've spent a good amount of time this weekend fixing up the forums, the missing icons, etc. Please let me know which icons/graphics are still missing and any that may have been replaced incorrectly. We will also soon be dissolving the News Comments reports into their respective forums. Please let me know which other features you guys are looking for. Also, do you really want to have the boards updated to version 3.0? There are negatives and positives to this, so what do...
Hey guys. Nice work! You made the news, though, unfortunately, CNet and ZDnet credited another site for the pictures that originated in these forums.http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1103-5327370.html Best Kasper
FWIW: I received a tip from an anonymous source this afternoon stating that the WSJ report is inaccurate as far as the additional HW features are concerned. Kasper
I've provided photo analysis in the post above! Kasper
Uh-oh! And as if this isn't enough excitement for a Friday, the third (new) picture appears to reveal a spot of BLOOD on the wall directly behind the product! =D -Kasper
Listen. There is a sketch, which I was sent months ago. However, it is a HORRIBLE sketch. It was not drawn free hand, but rather by an engineer with no artistic skill whatsoever and Microsoft paint. It's not something you post on a news site like this. It was sent to me to describe the simplicity of design and does not reveal anything more than I've already stated in the article text. It's not at all an accurate representation of the overall design or its proportions, but...
Heh. This is an upside down 23" cinema display with the side and Apple logo photoshopped to look like something other than what it really is. When Apple ships new products to expos, they do not arrive in individual boxes; the come in thick locked metal/plastic crates on wheels. Kasper
All you need is a decent speed internet connection and a recent version of Mac OS X. We are not in contact with the developers, but the application does perform as expected. Best, Kasper
Sorry-- That was not I who posted before, but no, the information in this report should not have been public. I doubt it is. Kasper
Restart. -Kasper
New Posts  All Forums: