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I haven't stopped. We share the workload, along with others who contribute. You'll probably see several articles from me this week. Best, Kasper
Dood, you are so wrong it isn't worth discussing, but I don't hold it against ya =P Anyway... Katie is a contributing editor. I bet the next question is: 'Is she cute????' Kasper
OK: Official statement on what happened in regards to this: A previously trusted member of the AI staff decided that he was going to abuse his access. Among other things, this individual edited or updated several of the message board files that control security, allowing him a backdoor if he was ever banned, so i suspect. Do to the large number of files changed by this individual, it was in our best interest to clear these wrong doings with a multi-part update to the...
Hey guys -- over the last few months, several of you had requested that we post a link to each article in the News Comments forum so that members can quickly view the article from the front page and not through the forums. This helps when we have images or other formatting techniques that vBulletin doesn't easily support. You can see an example here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...threadid=42153 Please let me know what other feature suggestions you may...
Sweet. What else needs fixing/addressing? -K
No he's not, you're right. Anyway, I think I fixed the profile problem... Can everyone update now? Kasper
I want to develop a slightly new theme, yet keep everything crisp and clean... Anyone have suggestions? Also, I'm considering vBulletin 3.0, but I've been warned against it... for now. Kasper
$2.09 -> $2.29 P/G in the NY Metro area... Sucks, doesn't it? I'm glad I didn't buy a Jeep. -Kasper
I had changed it so that when you clicked on the large AppleInsider logo in the upper left hand corner it would take you to the home page. It seems one of the moderators changed it back... Jon, Brad, Amorph, please change this back. Thanks, -Kasper
I've recently added News Comments, print pages, Email story to a friend, submission forms, and what not. Please let me know what other features (the more original the better) you guys would like to see implimented at AppleInsider to enhance the news, community and so forth. Thanks Kasper Jade EIC - AppleInsider.com
New Posts  All Forums: