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Listen. There is a sketch, which I was sent months ago. However, it is a HORRIBLE sketch. It was not drawn free hand, but rather by an engineer with no artistic skill whatsoever and Microsoft paint. It's not something you post on a news site like this. It was sent to me to describe the simplicity of design and does not reveal anything more than I've already stated in the article text. It's not at all an accurate representation of the overall design or its proportions, but...
Heh. This is an upside down 23" cinema display with the side and Apple logo photoshopped to look like something other than what it really is. When Apple ships new products to expos, they do not arrive in individual boxes; the come in thick locked metal/plastic crates on wheels. Kasper
All you need is a decent speed internet connection and a recent version of Mac OS X. We are not in contact with the developers, but the application does perform as expected. Best, Kasper
Sorry-- That was not I who posted before, but no, the information in this report should not have been public. I doubt it is. Kasper
Restart. -Kasper
eWeek has joined AppleInsider in publishing their latest Macintosh story. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1626397,00.asp It's funny how they make no mention of who their "sources" are, where they got the info, etc. Of course, we all know the answer. Kasper
To answer a couple of questions: iPod news: We actually took that weekend off. So we missed it. We rarely leave on road trips on the weekend, but this was one case were we did. By the time we arrived Monday morning, the iPod had been released. iMac: Where did we ever say the iMac was coming at WWDC? Please read the articles. I wrote that article and I said it could come AS EARLY as WWDC. -K
I've sent GMail invites to the both of you who asked, compliments of AppleInsider. Enjoy, Kasper
greenhead, I'm interested in further details of the explanation of the logicboard you provided me with on the 5th of June. Rather than use the forums, I'd appreciate it if you could provide me with a directory name and login and password, which i could create on AppleInsider. Example http://www.appleinsider.com/directory_name/ If you can provided me with this information via your previous means of submission, I can quickly create (password protected) and...
Well, you seem to know tman better than I. Has he been accurate about predictions of this magnitude before? How do we know that the source he spoke to at the conference was not informed by the same material that I feel is misinforming all of us? I dunno what my opinion is. My opinion is that these rumors have to come to me exclusively from a liar. And frankly, I'm sick of him, and I don't like what he does. And the success he attempts to destroy. I've spoken to many...
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