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I've recently added News Comments, print pages, Email story to a friend, submission forms, and what not. Please let me know what other features (the more original the better) you guys would like to see implimented at AppleInsider to enhance the news, community and so forth. Thanks Kasper Jade EIC - AppleInsider.com
Yeah -- I have no control of that, m does. He said he removed it. All I can do is ask again, unfortunately. Sorry guys. -K
Already done... unfortunately, they add these campaigns daily. As soon as we notice them, we ax them. Right now, there is no other way to go about it. Cheers, -K
Done -- If it re-appears... just post a reply. Cheers, -Kasper
Fine -- it's now removed from the rotation. Site should reflect changes within the hour. -Kasper
We are trying to keep everyone happy. However, I'm still having a problem understand what remains as an issue. I'm running safari on Mac OS X 10.2.8. (it worked under 10.2.6) and I've never crashed on these forums. Additionally, even with pop-up ads allowed, one ad shows up once a day. That's it. As far as the Crucial RAM ad goes, it is one of the most harmless in the rotation. In fact, it is non-intrusive, it is not animated, it doesn't flash... it's just a standard...
Make sure javascript is enabled and cookies are enabled. There is no way this problem should persist if those criteria are met. Cheers, Kasper
There was bad code. We've since halted our relationship with the affiliate advertising program. I'm just as angry as you guys are. However, I still have a user complaining that this problem is still persisting as of 7:30pm EST on the 23rd of Sept. Is anyone else having this problem? If so please list your OS/Browser version in this forum. Obviously if you do not have cookies turned on there is no way for the pop banners to know to stop popping up. -Kasper
Guys, Burstmedia provided us with a faulty script. Unfortunately it was days before I was aware of the pop-up problem. By no means did we implement this intentionally. I removed it as soon as I was aware. If you continue to have problems with ads please send an email to general@appleinsider.com and I promise you the issue will be addressed immediately. -Kasper
Gone from the rotation (may take an hour to reflect on site. Sorry about that. The ridiculous 'Winner' one is gone as well. If you guys have anymore problems please take a Screenshot of the ad (command-shift-4) then drag to make the little box... ya know... and post it here. Unfortunately, some of the ad affiliates we work with ad new campaigns and they are turned on by default. So it is up to me to shut them off. Cheers, -K
New Posts  All Forums: