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Welcome. K
We did.
It's been updated. Looks like they're developing a set of Ad APIs or a whole framework that will make it as easy to place ads in apps as it is to place iPhone interface buttons, etc. K
It's baaaack. I put it on the main page too. Kasper
Never left =PK
Well, if Prince made sure he mentioned every single tablet-related technology, he'd still be writing the piece Kasper
Flash has been crashing in Safari for me as well, more so than usual. K
Global handset leader Nokia announced Thursday it has filed a lawsuit against rival Apple, alleging that the iPhone infringes on GSM and wireless LAN related patents owned by the Finnish company. The cell phone maker has alleged that Apple has violated ten patents owned by Nokia. Specifically, the company claims ownership of technology relating to the Global System for Mobile communications, or GSM; wireless local area network, or WLAN; and Universal Mobile...
The 3% discount are reflected as "Instant Discount(s)" during checkout, after the items have been added to your shopping cart. Discount will not show up before items are added to your shopping cart. Sorry-- shoulda made that clear
New Posts  All Forums: