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It's more than that. The graphics subsystem is different. The displays are of inferior quality. Rumor doesn't make sense but stranger things have happened... K
Well, ya didn't, and someone else did Best, K
He needs a demolition permit which the town is supposedly drawing up now.
Thanks K
Didn't realize this was frustrating so many people. We'll link in the patents going forward. Sorry, K
They mentioned in the list of applicable devices a "Pocket-sized personal computers such as an iPAQ.RTM. Pocket PC available by Hewlett Packard Inc. , of Palo Alto, Calif. and any other device capable of communicating wirelessly (with or without the aid of a wireless enabling accessory system). " The patent would apply to any kind of portable computing device. K
I added it, chill out man. All you have to do is ask. K
This is really a vague, one-off reference that could represent little more than Apple seeking an engineer to help certify Mac compatibility with the broad range of 3G services that can be accessed by plugging a USB dongle modem into the notebooks. We tried to make that clear in the report. Best, K
Thanks! K
Yeah, but the article on this latest hire indicates he's going to work in one of Apple's education departments, which is odd. K
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