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Good to see you back, btw K
It's just a guess by some people we asked. K
this is true.
You guys are reading too much into the rendition. It's just to show a size comparison to the iPhone. The aspect ratio should mirror that of the iPhone. K
FWIW, it's just a rendition of what the device likely looks like based on verbal descriptions. We used the iPhone materials as a basis for the rendition but I have no idea if it has chrome on it or not. K
1.754M portables -- making the correction.
LoL.... not to make light of a horrible situation.
This issue happened to one of our devices. We did not cover the original story until we saw it with our own eyes. The unit has been returned to Apple. Kasper
You are indeed 'something else,' teckstud.
That's only for parts and manufacturing. These machines have to be developed, marketed, shipped, etc. Even if Apple sees a $150 profit, that's just 25%, which is well below the company average of the low-to-mid 30% range.You can see in our mac price guide:http://www.appleinsider.com/mac_price_guide/that resellers are selling the $599 model for $549, which means that they buy the machine from Apple for just north of $500. So that suggests margins could be less than 20%....
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