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Pandora? It's all about Grooveshark, baby
People still read Time magazine?
I really hope Tim Cook didn't say "phenomenons."   I'm also hoping Apple splits in two if Tim Cook has no interest in the pro market. 
Sorry Apple, but you obviously missed the boat. The time to release consumer electronics is BEFORE Christmas.    Massive deadline fail
As for Windows, Microsoft already won the desktop wars decades ago. Win95 came, Apple queefed.      Apple seems to have thrown in the towel in terms of enterprise, and they haven't released a desktop in how long? The war being fought for now is the changing media/entertainment business model. Apple is no doubt working on their next AppleTV failure while Microsoft is looking forward to trouncing the market with Xbox 720.
  The irony is so thick you could stick a spoon in it.    You're living in la-la land.    MS has far greater market penetration than Apple does, and in the most important ways:   • Xbox 360. It isn't just a game console and has found its way into more homes than iOS devices. More iOS devices have been sold in total, but a lot of those have been thrown away and people buy more than one. They also aren't connected to TVs.    • Microsoft doesn't treat pro customers like...
  Not as big a party as the guy who sold near the top
High end? You mean like the Mac Pro?
Oh, for ****'s sake...   Spain used to be the industrial powerhouse of the world. They turned these massive profits into an armada and ruled the seas. When the Spanish empire conquered the americas and imported cheap gold, it destroyed their local industry as they traded golf for goods instead of goods for goods. In the end, they defaulted four times in a row and became the poor men of Europe to this day.   The American empire is on the same trend and for largely...
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