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This is bone-headed, but predictable. Apple has become the fisher price of computer companies.    The Xserve fiasco. The FCP fiasco. The Mac "Pro" using a 2-yr old architecture fiasco.  Now this.    Apple, you need an enterprise division...a 'pro' division if you will. Apple could make major bank by NOT shafting pro users. I mean, NeXT used to do really well in enterprise, and Apple used to own the professional video editing market. Why did you even bother to buy...
  You wouldn't say that if you knew what Apple was paying for that RAM. I'd wager far less than $50.    The Apple premium for SSD is even more outrageous. 
Another nail in the 'Pro' coffin. In fact, I can hear a fat lady humming a few bars.    It started with Xserve, then FCP, then the 17" MBP.    As I've said before, Apple needs to split into two companies or divisions. One specializing in consumer products (first order goods), and the other specializing in professional products (higher order goods). The pro users are getting absolutely shafted
At these prices I should probably be thankful they don't have a 17" model. Yikes.    I don't get it; iPad gets retina display and more memory but the price doesn't change. SSD prices are plummeting and the new MacBook explodes in price. Maybe Apple is anticipating low volume. Maybe they don't care to make that much of an impact on the market beyond twitters.    Until apps are upgraded to take advantage of the new display this is just a very, very expensive toy. 
This move wouldn't surprise me. Depress me, yes, but not surprise me considering what they did with the Xserve, FCP, anything remotely 'Pro"...   I've lugged around many Macs over the years, but my 17" MacBook Pro has been my favorite. I will not buy a 15" MacBook. I'm not saying this as an act of defiance or because I think Tim Cook is reading this, but because I have no interest in the downgrade. Most likely I will keep my eyes open for a 17" PC laptop that can...
Apple doesn't have to change the iPad name world-wide if they lose the case. For example in France they couldn't use the name AirPort for wifi, so they called it something else (AirMac or something). Just call it the ApplePad and tell this trademark troll to pound sand
They've already given up on Xserve, so who knows what short-sighted BS they will pull?
Thanks for MAKING MY POINT!!! Why call it PRO if it's made for typical dads? No Xserve, no pro products...Apple needs to have a pro department or give up on pro altogether.
In related news, sales of the Kindle Fire rose 500%
Just more evidence that Apple needs to split if they want to provide products to both professionals and consumers.
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