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s/tiananmen/four/g Problem solved, I'll send you a bill
Pretty sure the titanium powerbook parts were stamped metal. There are alternatives, but few companies give a damn about risking capital to make a superior product. They only want to copy the current tech. One wonders if anything would progress without Apple :-\\
Yea, I mean why doesn't Apple put all their videos on Vimeo? Also, why have a server for encoding videos when I could tie up an iMac which may or may not be working when I need it to? Your comment exemplifies why Apple should strip the 'pro' out of their products.
Apple seems to have a habit of buying or inheriting pro apps, then dumbing them down for pro-sumers (i.e. amateurs). They bought FCP from Macromedia and now we have FCPX. They bought Shake and now we have Motion X. The void left by FCP is being filled by Avid and the void left by Shake is being filled by Nuke. Not to mention killing Xserve then rebadging minis as servers. What a joke. How are people supposed to stream their fantastic FCPX MotionX videos without...
This all started when political correctness ran amok and Mark Hurd was ousted for a non-scandal. All I can say is HP owners got what they richly deserved.
Um, what? NRA are responsible law-abiding gun owners who run gun safety courses and try to keep the government from having a monopoly on firearms. Not that I support them, GOA FTW. If you want to talk about who buys real guns to shoot people, look at our government. Obama is currently killing people in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and lord knows where else. 168 children have already been confirmed killed by drone attacks. THOUSANDS of non-combatants, too. All in illegal,...
Looks like that would have been a cool technology four years ago.
Village Instruments has said on a Facebook post today that it plans to design and sell a Thunderbolt-based external graphics card enclosure for use with Thunderbolt-equipped Macs.
Maybe you should read it. It doesn't use the thunderbolt port and probably doesn't support the full spec which requires the display signal. Sony is using it as a fast proprietary dock port. Which is fine by me, but my original point stands.
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