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Not only this, but would Apple be good for AMD? I think not.
Hopefully more that one friggin firewire port!
If Apple is going to spring a x86-based Mac on us developers, they will have to wait a VERY LONG TIME before 3rd party software and hardware is ported. First I would have to buy new Apple x86 hardware. Then I would have to port my crap which isn't going to be easy. Then I'm going to deal with more hardware configurations customers may be using... What is this going to take? Three months after Apple x86 is on the market? Longer? If Apple was planning on making AMD-based...
Apple's PB superdrive is a DOG. I ordered a powerbook with the Combo drive. It has faster DVD read (also faster CDRW, not that I care about that though). I mean what the hell are you going to do with 1x DVD write? It would be better to get a normal DVD writer and stick it in a firewire drive box.
[quote]Originally posted by Splinemodel: Yes. Apple would not go x86. That architecture is 30 years old, and the PC world may soon change to IA64.
*scoff* IA64 doesn't run legacy x86 stuff well. Why on earth would consumers adopt it? Is it because of the Intel name? Pth.. Or to run the 64bit version of MS Office. Yea, that's the ticket!
You're not being rational. If you hold out for x86 boxes, you'll have to hold out for months for 3rd parties to catch up! If Apple was serious about this they would HAVE to tell 3rd party hardware and software developers months in advance. This thread is ridiculous!
I'd hate to point out the blindingly obvious, but if Apple were to support a new architecture they would have to tell 3rd party SW&HW developers months in advance just like they did when they decided to support PowerPC. What's the point of an OS with no apps or drivers?
Why not just have a PowerBook with a hinge which allows the display to be folded back like a chequebook, then you have the best of all worlds.
msor, I dub thee: CLICK WHORE!
What would really be cool is if you could fold the screen back like a chequebook and use a stylus.
New Posts  All Forums: