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Why not just have a PowerBook with a hinge which allows the display to be folded back like a chequebook, then you have the best of all worlds.
msor, I dub thee: CLICK WHORE!
What would really be cool is if you could fold the screen back like a chequebook and use a stylus.
Powerbook: Two firewire ports (I mean WTF man) handle which doubles as lift better trackpad (some trackpads have features like scroll)
[quote]Originally posted by Nevyn: Just nitpicking. I don't think it is _all_ POWER chips. The original ppc601 was both a PPC and a POWER chip. Then they diverged for awhile. The POWER3-series & POWER4 series are back to running as either a POWER or a PPC I think.
The 601 implemented some extra instructions so a compiler could be made available, but I doubt it implemented the entire POWER instruction set (which would be Amazon+PPC)
[quote]Originally posted by SurfRat: I'm still wondering when the 9000s are gonna be available for Mac. I guess we'll be lucky if they start shipping 'em by MWSF 2003... [No]
Considering the 9000 is inferior to the 8500, who the hell cares?
[quote]Originally posted by Programmer: The Radeon9700 and nv30 are the first GPUs (at the consumer level, at least) which support floating point frame buffer formats.
What about rendering bezier paths? Also, what happened to OpenGL 2.0?
[quote]Originally posted by Barto: MOSR is 99.5% bull. UMA isn't really revelent. Basically, there are a limited number of chips used across Apple computers. They include; UniNorth U2 Keylargo Snapper Pangea Barto
I didn't know they started the infamous Barto rumor
[quote]Originally posted by Croaton: There are solid gold toilets. It was in my Guinness WB of records http://www.tokenasians.com/archives/news/goldtoilet.jpg
Gold is a cold metal. I don't like the idea of that. One cold morning and I could get a certain appendage stuck to it much like a tounge against a lamp post!
worst...thread...ever... I want my two minutes back
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