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I'll reserve my kudos for when they revise their iOS developer tax.
Really?! I guess if you don't include the CPU, GPU, hard drive (with extra slot?), oh and a little thing called THUNDERBOLT while keeping hdmi meaning you can run two or more displays. But sure, less hardware
Oh, for those bemoaning the loss if their optical drive... 1) Of course you can install windows without an optical drive. You have been able to do this officially before you could do it officially with Mac OS X. Ever heard of a netbook? 2) You don't need Apple's super expensive hardware to have an external DVD drive. Buy any cheap wintel drive, of which there are zillions due to the popularity of netbooks. 3) Asking Apple to provide bulky, expensive to engineer around,...
I replaced the optical drive in my MacBook Pro 17 with a second hard drive as soon as I bought it. I put the optical drive in a cheap external enclosure, but hardly ever use it. I think the last time I used it was for some windows program in Parallels Desktop many moons ago. I have to confess that I *never* liked optical from it's very inception. I used syquest disks and found optical to be slow and fragile. There was always promises to make them fast, but it never...
I don't understand why people think Apple should buy everything under the sun. Their focus is already split in too many directions, and their track record for buying companies is shit. They bought Nothing Real, for example. It had a wildly successful product called Shake. Apple seemed to lose interest and killed it. How man of these purchases actually added value to the company: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...tions_by_Apple Meanwhile, they SOLD ARM shares just...
Apple should consider splitting up operationally. The more these mobile tween products consume Apple's attention, the more they seem to drop the ball on professional products.
Yes, my minions. Report all the bugs so 10.7.1 will be ready for me
--wrong thread--
DP is royalty-free. DP supports USB and ethernet. DP is a VESA standard to replace VGA and DVI. HDMI is more common because it was first to market. HDMI was designed to replace s-video and component video. The main problem with HDMI is incompatibility between versions. DP has always just worked™ with previous digital equipment. The HDMI standard also fails to explain what are the maximum cable lengths at what resolutions, which DP does. Not a problem for most, but it...
And lawyers wonder why everybody hates them
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