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He's probably too busy writing riddles for Batman. The sad thing is due to the dumbing down of this country, an IQ of 150 is what used to be pretty average. I certainly wouldn't brag about it any more than a SAT score of 1300
Nope. According to the web page you linked (did you read it?) they said it is impossibleApple didn't merely change the architecture, but dropped API support so plug-ins will have to be rewritten. Without a production-capable platform to write plug-ins for, who would bother?Again, according to the web page you linked (did you really read it?) they said it will be a feature in the NEXT MAJOR RELEASE. Of course, if FCP7 is dead for however many years THAT takes I highly doubt...
Well, la-de-da! I don't fucking care about Apple and never have! This isn't about the cult of Apple Inc. This is about people trying to use their computers to DO THEIR WORK! Apple used to be about THAT. Go back to Bloomberg or some bubble-watching shithole pyramid scheme inventment forum.
Apple has damaged their reputation to the point of burning down bridges. This isn't just about FCPX, this is about Xserve and enterprise. Steve's management style of ignoring the present for the sake of the future may work for some things, but if you want to convince businesses that you're a reliable PARTNER you need to keep selling a product so long there is demand for it. This is why Microsoft is kicking Apple's ass in enterprise. They don't try to sell you a tractor...
Looks like I'm never getting on this smart phone bandwagon. We only have Verizon here for all intents and purposes.
WTF, is Steve in the Matrix?
Justice in China...I'll believe that when alibaba is prosecuted.
Fuck you, Apple
Al Gore is no friend of non-moronic environmentalists. He's polluted more than his fair share with mining operations, and the only reason he's a proponent of cap & trade is he personally stands to profit from the scheme. Anyway, if Greenpeace really wanted to draw attention to the greatest environmental impact, they would be protesting DRAM manufacturers.
New Posts  All Forums: