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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarce..._United_States Our wonderful war on drugs and other victimless 'crimes'
LOL at this thread He did a smash and grab for...health care We should control guns so only crooked cops and criminals have them. Great! I'm not going to cheer the killing of one of society's worst elements, but c'mon, this was not a cry for help. This was a gang of crooks in a fucking ACURA threatening people with death unless they got their way. Fuck them! The line to kick these sorry assholes in the nuts/boobs would be longer than any iPhone 5 debut....
Wouldn't be the first time a solution was brought to the attention to a whiner only to be met with MORE WHINING! All I can say is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL1lfSzgcAw
All I'm saying is it isn't just the iPad that is 33% thinner
I suppose this could be useful for presentations, but otherwise I don't see the point given the limited space.
Steve, eat a cheeseburger. Make it a healthy organic grass-fed raw milk cheeseburger if you must, but eat one. Hell, eat two
Prepare to be disappointed
Having used Macs constantly since '86 in hundreds of environments, the only virus I ever came across was nVIR. It didn't do anything malicious except copy itself. MacTech then released a simple program in C to "vaccinate" it. Windows on the other hand...
Except it won't be spec. I'd love to be disproven otherwise, but Intel made it CLEAR that it requires both protocols and that is the only reason why you won't see expresscard to TB adapters like you can now buy for USB or SATA. Intel explicitly said TB ports would need to be built-in. Without this requirement, you could make an expresscard pr PCI-E to TB adapter because it's the same protocol. Welcome to Steve's garden of stupidity.
Unfortunately, due to the requirement that TB ports carry BOTH protocols, this isn't possible. You need a GPU per TB port.
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