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Justice in China...I'll believe that when alibaba is prosecuted.
Fuck you, Apple
Al Gore is no friend of non-moronic environmentalists. He's polluted more than his fair share with mining operations, and the only reason he's a proponent of cap & trade is he personally stands to profit from the scheme. Anyway, if Greenpeace really wanted to draw attention to the greatest environmental impact, they would be protesting DRAM manufacturers.
Considering how embarrassingly slow the internet is in this country, plus how few places you can even get this slow internet, how can anyone suggest we're ready for 'cloud' computing? Abolish anti-trust laws and maybe in a few years....
May I be the first to offer a free kick to the nuts to anyone who is concerned about a 0.2mm difference in phone thickness. So much facepalm...
I don't understand how people get duped into voting for evil fucks like Bush or Obama (or McCain). Obama voted for the USA PATRIOT Act as Senator. Obama said he wanted to intensify the AfPak war, and had bellicose words for Iran during his campaign. He paused his campaign, like McCain, and rushed to DC to pass TARP. He is exactly what was advertised. The only lie told was the one his supporters told themselves. At least when Bush first campaigned, he did so on a humble...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarce..._United_States The U.S. held 23.4% of the world's inmates. The U.S. total in this report is for Dec. 31, 2007 (see page 3) and does not include inmates in juvenile detention facilities. For the latest info worldwide see World Prison Brief. Our wonderful war on drugs and other victimless 'crimes.' All the more reason not to give the state a monopoly on guns
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarce..._United_States Our wonderful war on drugs and other victimless 'crimes'
LOL at this thread He did a smash and grab for...health care We should control guns so only crooked cops and criminals have them. Great! I'm not going to cheer the killing of one of society's worst elements, but c'mon, this was not a cry for help. This was a gang of crooks in a fucking ACURA threatening people with death unless they got their way. Fuck them! The line to kick these sorry assholes in the nuts/boobs would be longer than any iPhone 5 debut....
Wouldn't be the first time a solution was brought to the attention to a whiner only to be met with MORE WHINING! All I can say is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL1lfSzgcAw
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