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All I'm saying is it isn't just the iPad that is 33% thinner
I suppose this could be useful for presentations, but otherwise I don't see the point given the limited space.
Steve, eat a cheeseburger. Make it a healthy organic grass-fed raw milk cheeseburger if you must, but eat one. Hell, eat two
Prepare to be disappointed
Having used Macs constantly since '86 in hundreds of environments, the only virus I ever came across was nVIR. It didn't do anything malicious except copy itself. MacTech then released a simple program in C to "vaccinate" it. Windows on the other hand...
Except it won't be spec. I'd love to be disproven otherwise, but Intel made it CLEAR that it requires both protocols and that is the only reason why you won't see expresscard to TB adapters like you can now buy for USB or SATA. Intel explicitly said TB ports would need to be built-in. Without this requirement, you could make an expresscard pr PCI-E to TB adapter because it's the same protocol. Welcome to Steve's garden of stupidity.
Unfortunately, due to the requirement that TB ports carry BOTH protocols, this isn't possible. You need a GPU per TB port.
Except that TB only supports up to 6 devices. It's like SCSI all over again. It's a pity Firewire 3200 which was announced in 2007 didn't get the push that TB did. Oh well :-\\ and oh yes, USB sucks. It's slower than SATA 3
The display limit depends on the number of pixels you're pushing, not the GPU. You can have one large display which saturates the connection. A GPU removed from the CPU would be utterly pointless unless you wanted to add more OpenGL processors to a laptop or something (which sounds VERY impractical for various obvious reasons). There is a reason the GPU is connected to the CPU and not the monitor.
To drive the point home, the ultimate irony hit me as I have a displayport on my MacBook Pro which can't audio out. Yea, that's OK but don't you dare have a TB port which can't video out!
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