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Yea, I'm sure Daily Show viewers are all up to speed on our undeclared war in Pakistan where we're killing thousands of civilians a year. People who get their "news" from TV are beyond hope. TV news is for entertainment purposes only, and I say this especially in regards to CNN, MSNBC and FOX—not Comedy Central. The Daily Show was funny when the president had an 'R' next to his name. Now it's just lame. Maybe when O'blahblah gets the boot it'll be funny again.
Re: Nightcrawler I think I'll file your latest post under Waaa! Waaa! Waaaaa! Cripes, the baby doesn't stop crying even after you give him a bottle.
It's already available and free, so I fail to see why you're still complaining.
Um, search MacUpdate for ntfs. DoneSearch for Classic on Intel (may be a torrent). Done.Safari Extensions Gallery. Search for flash. DonePretty silly request. There are a zillion note-taking apps including the web browser you're using. Just select text and drag it to the desktop.
I guess you can ignore everything I have to say, then. After all, I can't explain how the Federal Reserve came into being otherwise. Can you?Problem is, if you don't believe you have a say and that you're a debt-slave, what can you do about it? Better take the blue pill djsherly, I don't think you're ready for the real world.Strip mining occurs now either on public land (where they have no interest in its future value) or where the mining companies are politically...
I never said anything about voting. Like I said before, voting is for chumps. I said you don't have to be ripped off because you can opt out. Just like we'll never be rid of government waste, graft, and corruption until we can opt out of that, too.
Challenged within a system wholly owned by the banks? What pollyanna word do you live in?Nonsense from my vantage. Regulation by government (as opposed to regulation of the individual) comes into being when it serves special interests. All these new regulations, just like the ones beforehand, increase costs and protect vested interests. The compensation is over the top when investors balk and pull out. There's that individual regulation thing. It works when you have...
Finally, someone who isn't eating what the media is spoon feeding the plebs. Capitalism: private ownership of the means of production; you fail on your own merits. Obushbama: Bail out your Wall St. friends and blame lack of government (i.e. their) power. Idiots: People who think voting helps, and/or is their duty, especially in our kleptocracy/plutocracy.
Sorry, was there any news here? Also, Obama = Bush so you can all stop arguing.
*facepalm* People WILL blame Apple? You do realize that the non-app store situation is the status quo. In other words people SHOULD ALREADY be railing against Apple if this was the case. However, this isn't the case. If someone releases a program that sucks it gets poor reviews. Even if it gets mixed reviews, one can always delete an app. It's really easy. Sure, it could be made easier, but a LOT less costly than 30%. The problem Steve has is it's the Mac community's...
New Posts  All Forums: