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What we need is a Mac Mini based on a high-performance chip, not a low-power chip.
Yeah, because the eMate did so well.
"lack of the dual-LED True Tone flash setup found in the iPhone 5s" Though I suspect this is a fake image, the lack of two distinct LEDs is not a tell-tale sign. LED manufacturers are incorporating multiple-colored LEDs in an individual package (e.g., for LED stage lights) and this is exactly the kind of technology I would expect Apple to use to reduce the size of the LED (to make room for something else).
$150? Could someone please tell me what this keyboard does that a $39 bluetooth keyboard does not? Or even the Apple wireless keyboard? Is it really worth $100 extra?
Well, he *did* invent the internet :)
Shoulda had Geraldo dig it up.
"But the iTunes Store is likely a substantially lower-margin business than Google's." That means the stock price will go up, no?
Give 'em a break. I predict the Nokia acquisition will be even worse.
I'd like to see the single-core benchmarks for the QC vs 6C vs 8C vs 12C are like. Having 12C is the hoots for video and a few other specialize apps, but most of my apps are single threaded and I'm wondering if it's really worth the price for the few times I use a highly parallelizable application. No I'm not a video pro. No, I don't need one of these. But one would be cool to have. Just wondering if there is any real benefit to the high-end units if you don't render...
Let's see, they sell fewer 5C units because people are buying more 5S units. Time to lower the predicted stock price!
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